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EMPIRE! - It's Lucha! Hooray Lucha!

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(Yeah, my third diary. The EJPW one was getting boring since it took no effort to get high rated matches and shows, so I thought I'd use a promotion that would be a little hard. The company is 10% over in Great Lakes, with no one over 30% over anywhere in the US. Anyways, let's begin) For decades, Lucha-Libre's home was Mexico, where it is a part of the national culture. Currently there are three promotions, MPWF, OLLIE, and SOTBPW, all vying for the top spot as #1 Lucha Promotion in Mexico, but because of their relatively small sizes, none of the promotions have been able to expand outside of their native Mexico. This meant that their neighbors to the north had no exposure to the style. Until now. For years, Skull-o-Mania worked on the Ohio Independent Wrestling Scene, gaining a reputation for being one of the best American-born Luchadores alive. He dreamed of his chance to bring Lucha-Libre to the states and after years of hard work, was finally able to scrounge up the money needed to get his company off the ground. Being a rather...unorthadox man, he chose to name his company EMPIRE! Pro Wrestling for no real reason. He thought it sounded cool. To book the company, he contacted an old friend who also spent much time working the indies of Ohio before moving on to bigger and better things. The Franchise was one of the brightest stars in wrestling, having worked for DAVE, NOTBPW, and even SWF, suffering a horrific knee injury in the main event of the Supreme Challenge. Unable to wrestle, he was fired from SWF and left jobless for a while until being contacted by Skull-o-Mania. It was a match made in Heaven with the offbeat Skull-o-Mania teaming with the equally goofy Franchise. Due to the low amount of money the company has, the shows the promotion holds will consist mainly of talent personally trained by Skull-o-Mania with a few others brought in to round out the roster. Great Lucha will mate with colorful characters and storylines to spawn a new era in American wrestling. That is, if they even survive the first year. Let's watch shall we?
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