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[B][U]Backstory:[/U][/B] ---Im in August 2007 ----Champions [COLOR="Red"]WWE Title = Edge, IC = Samoa Joe, Tag Team = Snitsky/Eugene[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]World = Rey, US = Lashley, Tag Team = Mexicools[/COLOR] [COLOR="Purple"]ECW World = RVD, TV = Joey Mercury, Tag Team = b.W.o[/COLOR] [CENTER][IMG]http://home.arcor.de/rzdvd/ebay/WWF%20summerslam%202005%20logo.jpg[/IMG] [B][COLOR="Red"]WWE Championship Edge (c)w/lita vs Samoa Joe (Intercontinental champ)[/COLOR][/B] @ ECW One Night Stand 07', Edge stole the WWE Title off of RVD and brought the WWE title back to Raw. The Following Night, John Cena decided he would cash in his Money-In-The-Bank opportunity at the "King Of The Ring" PPV later in June. @ KOTR, Edge def. Cena with the help of Mick Foley. Cena went on to ask for a rematch but in the confines of a HELL IN A CELL to keep Mick Foley out of the match at the Raw PPV "Vengeance" in July. @ Vengeance, Edge once again def. Cena with the help of the diabolical, Mick Foley, with a flaming Barbie. The Following night on Raw, Edge said he has finally beaten everyone on Raw, thats when Excutive Assisant, Mr. Coachman, passed the word from Mr. McMahon that there will be a "20-man Battle Royal" for a title shot @ Summerslam. Later in the night, Edge did commentary when he witnessed 1st hand the UNDEFEATED IC Champ, Samoa Joe, won the battle royal and stared a hole into his opponent at Summerslam. Will Samoa Joe continue his undefeated Streak in the WWE and capture the WWE title AND become 35-0? or will the "Rated R Superstar" stay on his reign of destruction. [B][COLOR="Blue"]World Heavyweight Championship Rey Mysterio (c) vs Batista[/COLOR][/B] After being out for over a FULL YEAR, Rey Mysterio returned to Smackdown with a new lease on life. He and his new best friend, Batista, captured the tag team titles just weeks after he returned in June. Theodore Long was so impressed with Rey Mysterio that he gave a WORLD TITLE shot to him @ The Great American Bash against the champion ,Matt Hardy, (Hardy won the title @ Wrestlemania in "classic" fashion) @ the G.A.B PPV, Rey pulled a shocker and defeated Matt Hardy for the World Title ,however, earlier in the night, Batista was forced to still defend the WWE tag team titles BY HIMSELF against the Mexicools in which Batista lost, On the next episode of Smackdown, The NEW World Champ, Rey Mysterio, went to Theodore Long and begged for another shot at the tag team titles to help get revenge for his partner, Batista,. Later in the night, Rey was kicking butt against the Mexicools however when Rey Mysterio was bout to hit the "West Coast Pop" on Super Crazy, Batista CLOTHESLINE'D REY OFF THE APRON!!! and repeated beat his small body with a steel chair while the fans looked on in UTTER SHOCK! The Next Week on Smackdown, Batista explained why he did it. He said He too was out for most of 2006 with a shoudler injury and when he returned, he doesnt remember EVER getting a title shot and then continued to say @ Summerslam, he was going to finally regain what was rightfully his no matter if he had to go thru his FORMER FRIEND to get it while the crowd heavily boo'd him. [B][I]**storyline similar to real life** [/I][/B] [b][COLOR="Red"]Street Fight [/COLOR] [COLOR="Green"]D-Generation X (hhh/hbk) [/COLOR]vs [COLOR="Red"]Vince McMahon/Randy Orton [/COLOR][/b] @ Vengeance, DX returned and disposed of the Spirit Squad and Vince felt he ran out of options for trying to end DX. Through out the weeks of July, DX were back to their antics by making fun of Vince McMahon on a weekly basis and they also beat the holy crap out of Shane McMahon on an episode of Raw (which is why he was takin out of the match) So Vince lost his partner for the Summerslam ppv ,however, Randy Orton, who was suffering from a huge slump after losing his World Title @ "Wrestlemania 23" decided to come to Raw brand and talk to Vince. Orton said He felt he needed a fresh start on Raw and would do anything to become the TOP DOG again in WWE like how he once was the Smackdown brand back in 2006. Just then, Orton one-by-one attacked DX backstage with a variety of weapons to make a HUGE Impact to impress The Chairman. Vince then said he now proclaimed Randy Orton the NEW "King Of Kings" and was going to make Orton just like how he "made" HHH & HBK's career back in the day. Will Vince and his new protege be able to bury DX once and for all? or will the crude, foul-mouthed, degenerates proclaim to be too much even for the Champion and the "New King of Kings" [COLOR="Red"][B]"1st Time Ever in WWE...a __________ Match !!!! (Continue reading to see wut match) John Cena vs Mick Foley [/B][/COLOR] After months of interference and costing John Cena numerous times to recapture his WWE title. John Cena went on a hiatus from WWE. Each week, we saw video promos of Cena in a new way and much more "gritty'r" and "gangsta" on 1 of the promos, Cena say "Mick Foley, growin up in West Newbury was no easy life and for some reason, the fans think I cant get down and dirty, well next week on Raw, Im going to challenge you to a match...a match that not even the fans expected me to ever be in. The Next week, Foley came out and got on the mic and talked about how he was hardcore and that Cena was as hardcore as the "Easter Bunny" in the ring (which the crowd cheered for :) ) Just then, Cena returned and made his way out to the ring with a very slow and intense look instead of his normal hyper, pumped-up self. Cena said Foley costed him on 2 occasions a chance at reclaiming wut he worked his whole life for which is the WWE title and that Cena said there is only 1 way to put an end to this madness, Right there and then, Cena pulled out some "custom nuck's" and started punching Foley. Foley escaped out the ring but when the camera zoomed in on the nucks, they had barbed wire on them and Cena said "FOLEY, @ SUMMERSLAM, IT WILL BE A BARBED WIRE MATCH!!!!" which was a shocker to everyone in the arena.. [U][B]Stay Tuned for More Matches to be added to HOTTEST SUMMER EVENT OF THE YEAR.....WWE [COLOR="Lime"]SUMMER[/COLOR][COLOR="Blue"]SLAM[/COLOR]!!![/CENTER][/B][/U] FEEDBACK ON MY 4 MAIN MATCHES WOULD BE HIGHLY APPRECIETED
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