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31 DOTT Worker Imports

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I have created the following workers that can be imported in the DOTT scenario: 1) [B]Bubba Douglas[/B] (CWF referee/undercard wrestler) 2) [B]Chris Markoff[/B] 3) [B]Dominic DeNucci[/B] 4) [B]Donna Christanello[/B] 5) [B]Dunbar Wakayama[/B] (announcer for Polynesian Pro Wrestling) 6) [B]Eric Manheimer[/B] (SWCW referee) 7) [B]Farmer Boy Ipo[/B] (He's in the official scenario already, but that's more of a joke than a true reflection of who he was) 8) [B]Hans Schroeder[/B] 9) [B]Irma Aguilar[/B] 10) [B]J.T. Southern[/B] 11) [B]Jim Jeffers[/B] (aka Spike of the Mod Squad) 12) [B]Johnny K-9[/B] (aka Bruiser Bedlam) 13) [B]KY Wakamatsu[/B] (manager) 14) [B]Larry Lane[/B] 15) [B]Leroy Brown (SAMOAN)[/B] (Not the wrestler from Chicago, this one is Samoan) 16) [B]Mac Jeffers[/B] (aka Basher of the Mod Squad) 17) [B]Ranger Ross[/B] 18) [B]Richie Magnett[/B] 19) [B]Ricky Hunter[/B] (aka The Gladiator) 20) [B]Rock Hunter[/B] (manager/wrestler) 21) [B]Sonny Ross[/B] (backstage interviewer for Polynesian Pro Wrestling) 22) [B]Spice Williams[/B] (aka Spicy Williams) 23) [B]Steve Rickard[/B] (wrestler/promoter) 24) [B]Steve Travis[/B] 25) [B]Super Samoan Sakalia[/B] (aka the Polynesian Wildman) 26) [B]Superfly Tui[/B] 27) [B]The Killer Tomato[/B] (female wrestler Debi Pelletier) 28) [B]Tony Rumble[/B] 29) [B]Tony Zane[/B] 30) [B]Tux Newman[/B] (manager, aka Jeff Walton) 31) [B]Victor Quinones[/B] (manager/promoter) The zip file also contains instructions on how to import them, suggested gimmicks, tag teams and relationships and 21 pictures cut over the KyKy background. The zip file can be downloaded from my web site: [URL="www.gpanic.com/dott.html"]www.gpanic.com/dott.html[/URL]
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