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Hi Wanted to make sure you guys had seen Adam's Q and A. In case you missed it: [B]How did the idea for Wrestling Spirit come up, and what were your original thoughts about doing the game? [/B] [I]After finishing Total Extreme Wrestling, I knew I wanted to do a second game, again in the wrestling genre, but I wanted to do something of a different style. There were already some freeware games where you controlled a wrestler's career out there, but most of them were pretty poor, and I knew that I could take the concept and add something to it. I was pretty confident that it would be well received, as the other games that were already out, despite being pretty poor, were still quite fun to play. So, I figured that if they could be enjoyable, then a professionally written one could work. [/I] Find the entire session here: [url]http://www.pwtorch.com/artman/publish/article_11100.shtml[/url] Thanks to Doron.
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