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I LOVE YOU ADAM!!! I have been a huge fan through all the EWR games and after finally getting bored and watching a friend play TEW 2005. I purchased it and Wrestling Spirit. Now I thought Wrestling Spirit needed alot of work still. But what you have done for Wrestling Spirit 2 is just well....godly!!! A bunch of my friends and I are already talking about starting Rookie to Legend on the full release and playing a year or two worth of a career. Then transfering our guys into TEW 2005 whether it be manually or if you create a program to do it. Then we are going to continue to do the same for new talent into TEW 2005. We have an intense four way Promotion War going on with WWE, ECW, TNA, and WCW. This is going to be a great way for us to build up our imaginary/fake wrestlers a bit first, before bringing them straight into TEW as nobodies. We will have a chance to develop them a bit in the indies. By the way, my friend pushed Shark Boy to be WCW World Champion ;x BUT! We love you Adam!!!
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