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how can you add custom worker to league mode

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As far as I know, there's no way to do it directly/automatically; if I'm wrong, I suppose someone will correct me. Long way: write down your wrestler's stats, re-create him in the database (maybe use a separate database, if you don't want him in the game world as a CPU character whenever you start a new career), and start up a game. Of course, he'd need to be popular enough to be selected to one of the World Leagues... but if not, you can always boost his popularity until he is. (In a similar vein, I've already created for myself a second database in which the various workers listed as being from "other" are given nationalities (usually European) in order to make them eligible for the World League. Because how can you have a world league without Bruce or Marat Khoklov? That Khoklov -- what a beast.)
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