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Pro Wrestling Standoff 1997

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Here's my first attempt at a Dynasty (I plan on creating a web page for more elaboration, as well as mood). I just finished up on a backstory, hope to get some feedback on it while I start up the dynasty. [QUOTE]As the sun set on April of 1997 in the world of professional wrestling, all was well. Or as it seemed. However while things seemed calm, everything was hectic. There were two "heavy hitters" as you would say, or "Top Promotions" in the world of wrestling. One being the Vince McMahon backed World Wrestling Federation, and the Ted Turner owned, World Championship Wrestling. Both promotions were competing very heavily for ratings, wrestlers were jumping ship, demanding more money, and causing more controversy than ever in the world of wrestling. Everyone knew something catastrophic was about to take place...much to the fear of the promoters it did. Workers became tired and angry at the "savvy" business moves made by each promoter to secure more money for their own pockets instead of commissioning the ones who put their bodies on the line for the benefit of the "greater good". Because of the promoter's actions...professional wrestlers developed their very own Labor Association. PWA (Pro Wrestler's Association) insisted that the Promoters increase salary, or increase benefits or else a major work stoppage would be on their hands. Knowing that a stoppage would drive the world of wrestling into the ground and never to return, the promoters scrambled to restructure contracts, add clauses, as well as even release workers. As negotiating became more intense, some workers were tired of "stand still" talks and ultimately agreed to an "Open Door" policy that promoters created. Mainstay workers and staff at their respective promotions decided to leave seeking greener pastures. TV shows were canceled. The World Wrestling Federation, and World Championship Wrestling were upside down with confusion. While both promotions were battling to save their most coveted stars, as well as future prospects...there was one benefactor in the shadows. With a cult following of some of the most hardcore fans, Extreme Championship Wrestling was drawing bigger crowds...some that would rival that of WCW and WWF house shows. As the ECW's attendance increased, the television ratings for the "Big Two" decreased as fans took interest in why their stars weren't performing to ability, or why some weren't even to be heard from at all. As they turned away from the WCW and WWF..they took notice in the smaller promotion with the snowball effect. As of September 1997 comes to a close, the contract talks for current workers are finally complete. Other workers who were unable to come to terms on a new deal with their company started seeking employment. With Extreme Championship Wrestling having more funds than recently, they were able to jump in the fray for a few select workers. With pressure from smaller federations rising, would World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation be able to continue their paths of dominance? Or will Extreme Championship Wrestling lead in their demise? [/QUOTE]
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