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Well, after I learned how to bust a person open, me being me decided to take it a step further. I learned something though. DDT onto a chair on the outside = instant DQ in UCR (Family Friendly promotion type). Alpha Female was busted open earlier in the match and after reversing my attempt to throw her out of the ring so I could pull off a taunt, she attacked me and I countered her running clothesline with a DDT and chose to put her head through a chair. I was operating under the assumption that my "DQ meter" was empty since I'm a face and don't have any cheating moves in my moveset. Oops! :p So Cheerleader Melissa is 6-1 but still holds the UCR Female title. Honestly, I would've preferred my first loss be to someone like Geena the Warrior Princess (who I had a great, B+ rated 38 min match with on the previous show) but I guess this'll teach me not to experiment much and just take the W when it's there. Anyone else have any bits of wisdom for possibly other promotion types? The match above was in "Sports Entertainment" style so I didn't think a DDT through a chair would be out of line. Edit: hahaha, the above match was for a UCR PPV event but there's also a TV show scheduled for the same day. So what do I get for the TV show? Cheerleader Melissa vs. Alpha Female for the UCR Female title........in a 2 out of 3 falls match. :p Edit2: 17:50 min, B+ rated match that ended 2-0 me and "The fans applaud the efforts of the wrestlers". :) Gettin' the hang of this here bad boy. :)
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