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New Company Question and other questions

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[QUOTE=Jonfun]If a new company opens, how do we find out? How do they fill thier rosters? Do new wrestlers appear in the game?[/QUOTE] 1. The news ticker will have an entry that says '(Name of new promotion) Opens' or something to that effect. Seems like the exact same message as in TEW05. 2. They hire the best workers available to them within their area. So a new Japanese Pure promotion will hire all the workers they can that fit the Pure style and are available to work in Japan. 3. Yes. And the person's name will appear on your main screen in the news section at the bottom. It'll say (example from my game): Kenjiro Hayashi Enters Wrestling And then in the news ticker (Library -> View News Ticker): Kenjiro Hayashi has entered the wrestling world
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