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time for the show of hardcore tv hosted by j.r. and the king as the logo goes off the owner comes to the ring and the main event will be for wws world title that dx will be here tonight and terry funk will wrestler tonight. 1.eddie vs tazz vs cole vs hector garza vswinner chavo c.w. title backstage we see kane talking to his self. 2.y2j vs winner regal cage match hardcore title joey styles interviews dx about there match tonight. 3.terry funk winner vs sting tables match we cut backstage to see lita kissing edge. 4.dx winner vs tony jones mike modiess dasty r. is seen talking to his son goldust. 5.lita winner vs goldust first blood match 6.sabu winner vs new jack extreme rules match we see in the locker room gillberg acting like goldberg 7.goldberg winner vs gillberg 8.jeff j. winner vs the rock wws world title jeff j. nash hall attck rock when hbk taker kane eugene clean the ring when a wws g.m. says that jeff j. nash hall will face rock hbk kane taker eugene 3 on 5 handicap match at great wall.
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