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Cell Block W - A REVO Production [CVerse]

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The show opens to the sounds of a glaring alarm, the shrilling beat echoing through the dimly lit arena we now see with the camera panning over the set of REVO’s latest experimental wrestling show. The crowd cheer at the sound and anxiously await their first glimpse of what it is to come with Cell Block W. Separated from the ring, the crowd encircled the arena in a moon shape, with a mesh wired fence separating them from the competitors. Several spotlights track over the crowd as the alarms quieten and a rhythmic banging begins to take over. Several guards file out into the arena at pace, fully decked in pitch black riot, they march in unison and beat their batons against their shield that fires up the fans surrounding them. After a few more intense moments, the guards stand in order, either side of the runway to the ring, and a suited man steps out into shot, beneath one of several large screens in the arena. Like the guards he holds a baton and shield and appears to be the beat leader, he leads one last clash of the two items before tossing them to the ground, the guards all snapped theirs to their side and stood vigilant. The warden took in the crowd with a devilish grin, a thin microphone was attached to his ear.






The crowd roared their approval. 


“A wrestling show like no other. A reality show like no other. I am The Warden, charged with running this facility and presenting a high quality show for you, the audience. At REVO we pride ourselves on pushing the limits of creative experimentation and when it comes to entertaining you all… there are no boundaries.”


With that declaration, the guards snap into action and begin moving free the chain link fence that segregated the crowd.


“You paid good money to be here tonight, you wanted the bloodshed, you wanted the violence, and there isn’t a better way to experience that than being right here, live in the Cell Block. But first, before all that, before we meet some of the contestants, you need to know what it is they’re all fighting for.”


Another suited man walks from behind the curtain, a little more sheepishly than the Warden. He holds a briefcase in his hands, which he quickly hands over, before scurrying back out of sight.


“This right here, is a contract. Now, every inmate competing has signed a contract of non-disclosure with REVO, they know what they have signed up for and what this experimentation will entail… to a certain degree. However, this…, this right here is a contract that free’s any inmate of alignment with REVO & Cell Block W, and with it they earn $1,000,000. Yes… that’s right. We have scoured the planet to bring you some bloodthirsty, and desperate competitors who will see their lives change with this sum of money. We have veterans, we have rookies, we have psycho’s and criminals, we have them all, and only one of them can earn their ‘freedom’, only one of them can change their lives. They just have to survive this.”


The camera pans to the large screen hanging over The Warden, where we get a drone recording of a prison facility. The camera pans over the worn down building, flying over the courtyards on the outside, before nipping into a window and through a few cells with paint peeling from the walls, and pipe’s dripping yellowish brown liquids.


“This is the facility. The competitors will compete for eleven weeks, with one goal in mind, to earn their chance to fight for their freedom. The contract I’m holding will be competed for in a multi-man ladder match, on our season finale. Getting there though, is another matter. Our competitors will have three main paths to this match, three opportunities to make themselves a millionaire, which are:


  • Winning the Security Threat Tag Team Tournament - inmates will have to pair up and the winning team members will both earn a shot at the ladder match.
  • Winning the Bunk Warrior Battle Royal - Myself and the CO’s with the aid of Counsellor Garry will hand pick several inmates for our finale, in which one of them can earn a last chance entry into the match.
  • The Back Door Pass - Every inmate has one, but it comes with a challenge. You want to invoke your back door pass, you have to face and defeat one of the members of our select Solitary Confinement inmates.


Those are the only opportunities these men will have of earning this contract, of earning their ‘freedom’ and winning this groundbreaking competition. They will have to endure weeks of imprisonment, where they will be handled accordingly, locked together without rule or regulation outside of my rule. If they’re smart, they’ll find alignment, they will find support but in the end, only man will walk away. And we will be filming it all! You will see every interaction, every fight, all of it will be available to you whether you tune in weekly, or watch via REVO+.


So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen… your inmates.”


The Warden steps back as the lights dim and all attention shifts to the big screens. The camera zooms in until we are within the scene itself. The large gymnasium of the prison is our setting, empty for all but a guard posted silently in every corner. The multiple doors leading into the room swing open, handles smacking loudly against the brick wall beside them and the sound of shuffling feet fills the area instantly, as well the various barked orders from the CO’s accompanying them. The swarm of inmates file into the empty room messily, several of them eyeing the other up cautiously. Some recognise others, warmth meets some eyes, anger creeps into others. All thirty or so men form a crowded circle in the centre of the room, whilst the CO’s setup at the main double door entrance, a table in front of them and several boxes overflowing with jumpsuits toppled over to the side of them. One by one the inmates were called by name, ordered to stand before the guards, whilst one frisked them, the other issued a numbered jumpsuit, towel and toothbrush before they were ushered through the main doors and out of sight. The video package sped through the first couple, focusing on a couple of the inmates' interactions, with nothing of note, apart from two men embracing. After we speed through the inmates passing through this process, a large graphic appears, each inmate's name and number appears, paused on screen.



We then see a highlighted package of several of the group interacting in the prison, with guards closely monitoring the situation, and some even moving between the numbers to ensure nothing breaks out at this stage. The prison itself is a simple setup with two floors of cells forming a rectangle around an open hall, which was littered with pairings of tables and chairs, a row of seats before a large screen and a couple shelves stacked with board games and the like, the table next to it appeared to have a chess set already mid-game. Around the walls hung more screens, with large tannoy speakers not far from them. As the camera focused on these, the picture came to life with the grinning face of The Warden, he informed them that the games would soon begin. He repeated the process for earning their ‘freedom’ with a concentrated effort to emphasise the Security Threat Tournament’s need for members to align themselves with one another. He announced that the inmates had twelve hours to submit themselves and their affiliations to the CO’s before a bracket for the tournament was produced. Any who choose no affiliation may still be viable, but will receive a randomly selected partner. He also announced that the first live show will be held in less than 72 hours, but remember, they were always recording. He wished the inmates luck, and reminded them that their fate was now in their own hands, but step out of line and he and his staff will be quick to turn that around.



We fade to black, and are greeted by these words:


The lines have been draw.


The battle place has been set.


Blood will be drawn.


Bodies broken.


But only one man will walk away from it all.


This is Cell Block W.






BsbaPau.jpg  TIVYJVI.jpg  48kUYQC.jpg  CAvUbjR.jpg  c2wZ8Wm.jpg







J0p5eY6.jpg  m82lW6Y.jpg  2AEQGCd.jpg  Zle5c4B.jpg







e2hzwgf.jpg  4P5GHNF.jpg  GEL16kO.jpg  R0nTkC3.jpg  xLEimDj.jpg







y8j88gr.jpg  d6Fybna.jpg  pY1nF4A.jpg  mCPEhRR.jpg







dwFwjzC.jpg  8ndTSlo.jpg  J27WNhL.jpg







hcyAUUS.jpg  7mdrtGj.jpg







Txa6NOo.jpg  52Bbig1.jpg  puAZnSM.jpg  yjY8tPm.jpg  bnucIa7.jpg  Y4bXtB8.jpg

  bsIdU5X.jpg  nF5yjOw.jpg  HRmC4RT.jpg  WtHE7l0.jpg  BqNNBMy.jpg





[For reference: Billy Chase/Wild Red Stallion, Shiv/Shiva, Lucas Pope/Surfer Dude Lucas, Kirk Turkleton/Fearless Blue, Zippy D/Zippy Deverell, Garfield Marley/G-Force, DeMarcus Maven/Cheech Kong, Kobun Kawano/Kimi Kawano]
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Thanks to anyone who may read this, I won't be updating it at a super fast pace but its been a little project I have had in mind for a while and thought it would be a bit of fun.

Huge thanks to the other creators on here for their inspiration and of course the amazing graphic artists who create the renders. I wish I could recall some of the creators, but I know @smw88 is someone whose free pictures are something I delved into quite a bit to find a good fit for how I envisioned some of these characters. Some of which I have taken in a direction completely different to the default graphic.

Hope you enjoy. First show should be posted later this week.

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So it looks like we have an extreme (I think, given that the fans wanted bloodshed) wrestling show, that takes place in a prison setting, that is also a bit of a gameshow? That is a bizarre concept, and honestly I love it already. I’m looking forward to see where this goes in the future.

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20 hours ago, sonny912 said:

Can I get some names for all these faces?

I've updated the Intro with a further breakdown of the roster, including names, stables, and such.

Graphics are a WIP. Next update soon!

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Announcer Martin Bloydell introduces the audience to the show, as lights fire up across the small arena, “Get yourselves checked, get yourselves strapped in, because we are LIVE in the Cell Block! I’m your announcer, Martin Bloydell, and beside me is our resident pastor, the iconic Travis Century.” 


Travis grunts before responding, “Preacher, Martin. Preacher!”


Unapologetic, the announcer continues his monologue. “I hope our inmates have made peace with whatever god they have faith in, because tonight we kick off a series of shows for you, the REVO audience, that will test these men to their absolute limits. How far are they willing to push themselves to win, who will they trust, who will they betray, who will be the first man to bleed for the cause! There is only one way to find out, and that is to stay tuned, and we will be right back with the first ever CBW match, and the match that will kick off our Security Threat Tournament! Don’t go anywhere!”






A promo package explodes onto the screen, with the words; “The following advertisement is brought to you by To Be Frank Enterprises, we’re the good guys… honest!”


We then see a montage of down-on-their luck wrestlers, ranging from men being pinned to a chorus of cheers from the crowd around them, a look of frustration etched into their face, to another younger wrestler struggling in the gym, getting out muscled by a group of his peers and thrown around. We also see a masked wrestler peddling fliers for an event, with several loose ones flowing in the wind, whilst a passerby tosses one in the trash. Another wrestler is seen getting kicked out of his house, his partner throwing out his tights and capes into the lawn from the top floor window. And lastly, we see a female wrestler, holding a handful of hate mail and several overdue letters, hunched over in the locker room whilst a nurse pulls thumbtacks from her back.


A man walks into the scene, not dressed too smart, just the kind of suit you’d expect to see at the third best car retailer in your town. He takes centre stage and addresses the camera; “Are you struggling to succeed in the trenches of our great wrestling industries dark underbelly of an independent scene? Struggling to break through the ranks? Struggling to pay the bills? Or just struggling to find a connection with the fans or a reason for why you put yourself through it all? If you are… then To Be Frank Enterprises could be the solution to all your problems. We specialise in kickstarting, reinventing and reigniting the careers of anyone who truly wants to succeed. Call the number below, and get yourself over!”





Bloydell brings us back to the live broadcast, “A message from one of REVO’s primary sponsors, and I believe one of the main contributors to our first season of Cell Block W.”


“Where would we be without him,” added Century, sarcastically.





As each team makes their entrance, both duo’s are accompanied by several guards, and remain cuffed until they reach the ring. As they enter a promo package played in split screen, firstly the Sioux Proud members, Billy Chase & Roger Monteiro simply state they’re just trying to find a way to survive early and that finding that brother-like bond in those first couple of days will be vital to their success. The two members of Ethereum on the other hand were far cockier, Conduit described himself & Maven as pioneers of a new hybrid generation for the wrestling industry and boasted about the finances behind him and his companions thanks to his stockade of digital currency, and Queen’s social media presence that will bankroll them.


hcyAUUS.jpg7mdrtGj.jpg VS BsbaPau.jpg48kUYQC.jpg


SIOUX PROUD vs. ETHEREUM’s Cip Conduit & DeMarcus Maven


One partnership bonded over heritage, another bonded over influence, and the former proved to be the strongest base for building a successful tag team partnership. The ring was surrounded by a low barrier, with weapons scattered in several areas. Initially, despite no traditional tag team rules being applied, the duo of Monteiro & Chase chose to simply take the fight to their opponents, but once the Ethereum members introduced the weapons to even the odds, they had no choice but to engage on that level. Cip & Maven capitalised on the inexperience of Chase, and focused on cornering him from his team mate. However, Monteiro proved too persistent, and despite the attempted run-in of Queen & LeGrenier, Monteiro got the win when he delivered his sliding elbow strike named the EAGLE STRIKE to the jaw of Maven and got the three count.


After the match bell was rung, the Ethereum members swarmed Monteiro and propped him up for Conduit & Maven to both hit their finishers. Victory was theirs, but the message was sent, the numbers would be against them going forward.


“A great start for the Sioux Proud boys, but not the ending they would have hoped for!” Bloydell added as Ethereum exited and the CO’s began manoeuvring Chase & Monteiro from the ring.


Century nodded, “friendship will only take you so far, when you have few friends.”






We are greeted with another promo package, this time focusing on a close up of the mask of Ricky Blanco Jr. The majestic steed wrapped around the cloth in a swirl of sinew and vigour, which was matched by the tone of Blanco Jr’s voice. Subtitles ran, for those who don’t speak Spanish.






The picture zooms out and now we see two masks, though the second is faded and worn by what appears to be a much older man, his skin tone darker, more worn and loose, with faint scarring visible. The two men sat side by side, at a dining table surrounded by a rustic kitchen. Ricky spoke again, “That is my answer. Why I entered myself into this competition at the risk of my career. They chewed up my grandpa and spat him out without ever giving the Mustang name it’s due, so I’m here to earn it once again.”


Blanco Jr stood with intensity, a firm grip on his grandfather's hand, “That is my purpose, and not a single man in that prison will stand in my way!”






From the dimly lit kitchen setting we switch to the bright, sterile lighting of a jail cell, two men stand at its entrance, both breathing heavily, blood stained the features of one of them.


Monteiro eye’s the camera, and smears his hand across his face, trailing crimson over his sneer, he holds his hand up for the camera.




“Warrior blood, that is what runs through the veins of me and this man next to me. We have generations of fighting spirit coarsing through us, their anger, their hatred, and their hunger, and whoever else falls in our path in this tournament, will find out just what that means.”


Chase claps him on the shoulder, “As long as we stand together, none of them will defeat us.”


“Warrior blood!!” Monteiro screams in response, pushing the camera away and staining the lens with his blood.



Bloydell brings us back to ringside, where the lights continue to pan across the crowd who are beginning to become restless for more action. “Three intense men right there, Travis.” Bloydell added over the din of the crowd.
“I worry for Blanco, his motives could be misguided with the kind of men he will be competing against. Something Roger Monteiro found out the hard way, the pure way.” Century responded, a callousness in his voice.“He certainly did, and for any bookmakers out there, call in those dues because we got bloodshed,” Bloydell appeared far too happy with that announcement before continuing, “and I have a feeling there may be more where that comes from right now as we have our second match of the evening.”

Century chuckled, “this one could be violent.”

Bloydell, “I sure hope so!! We have a triple threat showcase match next, nothing on the line, nothing to be gained, apart from the respect of your fellow inmates, and who knows maybe the Warden is watching as well!”



As before, the three men make their entrance alongside a pre-recorded interview, with only Rob Edwards being accompanied by others. Edwards and his fellow Saltwater Crooks stood huddled together and bigged up their man as being one of the most violent men in Australia. Blithe was more understated, confirming that he rejected the offer to join the Crooks as he was here to get a job done, and he didn’t need anyone getting in his way. The last entrant, however, had no interview. In its place, Hammer Hadley had a violent highlight package of his previous exploits, the words THE HEADSMAN punctuating the end of the video.


bnucIa7.jpg VS y8j88gr.jpg VS nF5yjOw.jpg


As we saw in the first match, weapons were sporadically placed around the ring, with some even attached to the shallow barricade separating the fans. With several of them taking it upon themselves to free a weapon and attempt to pass or throw it to one of the competitors. The guards kept a close eye on this, whilst they patrolled the ring. The action for the most part needed no weapons though, as all three men proved more capable of producing violence. Edwards professional martial art’s experience gave him an early edge, but they didn’t fight two other men at the same time in the professional game, and he soon found himself blindsided by a rampaging Hadley. Hadley was a wild addition to the match, with Blithe more methodical and Edwards clean and precise, Hadley went about fighting them like a starving Hyena might set up a fallen nest of birds. There was no tact or style, just brutality. For the most part, it worked against him, but after a clash between Blithe & Edwards which saw Blithe counter a Roundhouse Kick into an Ankle Lock, Hadley came flying at both men with a recently acquired sledgehammer. Hadley took the pinfall after flooring Blithe and then striking Edwards in the liver with the hammer, before nearly decapitating him with a HEADSMAN’S LARIAT.

“Head’s will surely roll with this man around,” Bloydell joyously declared, “what an impressive debut from Hadley.”

Century seemed less enamoured, “there was little nuance to the man. If a fan hadn’t handed him the weapon, would he have thought to do so?”

“Who knows, Travis.” Martin retorted, keen to keep the show flowing.




After the match, we again go backstage, this time we are shown the interior space where the inmates gather amongst one another. With the tables spread out, surrounded by gates and cells on all sides, we two sat at one of the games tables. A chess set was set up between them, both men appeared uninterested in the game, however.


Caballero nodded his head, whilst subtitles translated their conversation, “I remember, I remember. I just want you to reconsider, Gringo & Fernando are young, Gringo especially, he could use some guidance and I’m not sure I’m the man to lead them.”


Blanco Jr spun a Rook between his fingers, “My answer remains the same. I am here for myself and my family’s honour. Perhaps afterwards, we can work together but until I’ve won that ladder match, I have to do this alone, earn it alone.”

“I understand,” Caballero stood and replied, “the offer stays on the table for now.”

As Felipe walks away, we see Blanco Jr shake his hand and slam the chess piece down. The board rattles and all the pieces threaten to fall, one of the pawns drops and rolls for the table edge, but it is quickly snatched from the air. Blanco looks up as several men now stand over him.


“Well now, ain’t you clumsy!” Mercy Michaels tossed the pawn to the side whilst Mad Dog Mortimer cackled at his shoulder. 


The younger, tattooed Zippy D pulled up a chair, “Where do I get’s me one of those masks, huh?”

The comment saw Blanco Jr stiffen, but he kept his composure, Zippy D continued, “I’m surprised they let one of you in here with your face all covered like, seems a little unfair to me! Me and these boys were just discussing it. What’s to stop you and one of yer fellow… countrymen just switching places? Just don’t seem fair at all.”

Blanco looked over the multiple members of the Red-Bellies, before meeting D’s eye, “then it is fortunate for you to have so many comrades.” His English was passable, but still made half the group twitch around him.

“He speaks!” Michaels interjected, “now if only we got a face to match the voice…” 

He reached out, but Blanco smacked his hand away and jumped to his feet, the table and chess board flying across the room. Everyone froze, all but one ready for a fight. Zippy D eyed the guards who had pulled free their weapons, “Calm down boy, we’re just curious. That’s all. Wanna make sure we’re all fighting on a level playing field, ain’t no need to get worked up.”

Michaels and D grinned and backed away from Blanco with the others, just as the guards moved in to investigate the issue.




We cut to another room, this one appeared as light as the rest of the facility, but there was no bar in sight, no cages or fences or even a guard. In fact, it looked more like a middle school classroom. With a desk before a chalkboard, and a circle of chairs positioned ahead of it, across the chalkboard was the name; ‘Counsellor Garry’.


The camera panned to the centre of the room, and directly opposite the desk sat a man dressed simply, a knitted jumper with a weaving pattern, and corduroy pants, he sat calmly with his hands placed gently on his thighs. A box of puppets could be seen piling out of a cardboard box at the side of his feet.

“Hello to you, our fascinating new audience,” Garry the Counsellor greeted the crowd, his voice soft and serene, “my name is Garry and I’m sure whilst I won’t see much of you, you will be seeing a lot of me. As a counsellor, I wanted to assure any of you who are concerned for the well being of the participants in this competition that I will be here with them. They are in my safe hands. This might appear to be all blood and guts, but I’m here to touch their hearts and help them find their best self. So remember, be kind, be thoughtful, be yourself, and if all else fails… just be entertained.”

Garry’s smile broadened as the camera zoomed out and faded to black.

Boydell could be heard adding, “The Warden truly does have the best interests of everyone in mind.”

Century scoffed, “it is my best interest to have that lunatic nowhere near me.”




We cut to another room, and find ourselves back inside one of the prison cells. But instead of the usual visual, we are instead this time seeing the cell through what appears to be a cellphone camera. The camera shakes as it is handled, and the darkened corners of the room appear grainy, Ethereum member Quentin Queen steps into the shot regardless, smiling politely as the camera focuses in on his features. 


“What’s up queensguard, welcome to an inside glance of what is really going on behind the scenes at Cell Block W. Yes, the cells really are this creepy, and yes I do actually have to share it with all the other gross contestants. BUT, at least I’ve still got you guys to keep me company, and me and the other Ethereum members feel like we’re far and away the best people here.”

Queen glanced around the cell before continuing, “I mean, yeah, it sucks Cippy & DeMarcus lost earlier, but we should have tried harder. We let them get away with winning without even trying and it is honestly just not even acceptable. They’re really sorry though, and I just know we’re going to find a way to win for y’all. In fact, me and Cippy have decided that we are open for recruitment. So let everyone know, pass the message on and if anyone in the prison is listening, come talk to me, I promise I won’t bite!!”

“Ciao for now, love y’all!”

In the distance we can hear the faint groan of an out of touch colour commentator.




Another transition, and we are in another previously unseen location. We’re in a long, dimly-lit corridor of cells, everything appearing different to the other cell block. Two guards slowly walk down the corridor, one of them pushing a trolley, piled with dishes. The cell doors here were reinforced steel, with only a small window opening, and a small hatch at the bottom, which the guards appeared to be collecting the dishes from. Several noises echoed the hall, two screeches in unison floated through the darkness, whilst a slow thudding could be heard crashing into one of the doors, whispers could be heard between them all, when silence fell, the whispers came.


C.O. Henn brought the trolley to halt outside the last cell, the light flickering in and out overhead. “You do this one, Buzz.” He said, an uncertainty in his voice.

“You been asking that at every door, just do your job!” C.O. Reid replied.

Henn shuddered, “Yeah, I know, but not this one. I hate this one.”

Reid shook his head and chuckled, “He’s harmless. And look, it’s the last one to do and we can get over to the shower blocks. Cheers ourselves up!”

Henn hesitated before groaning, he tapped the brake on the trolley and approached the cell door. He gave it a firm knock, before unlatching the door at the bottom and reaching for the dish that flew out. As he reached for it, a hand shot through the gap and slammed itself around the wrist of the guard, a hand that was deathly pale, with almost luminous veins in the darkness. 

“Don’t go,” the voice whispered behind the door, whilst the breath escaped Henn’s lungs.




We join the commentary team at ringside, with Bloydell looking a little pale himself, “So that’s why you chose to join the announce desk?”

“It was one of a few choices, Martin, and I can’t say I regret it! Satan help any man who chooses to face one of those fiends in solitary confinement.”

“Will it perhaps be only the desperate who choose it?” Bloydell asked.

“The desperate and the stupid,” Century responded.

Bloydel chuckled, the colour returning to his cheeks, “well speaking of men who may be feeling desperate, I’ve heard that we have a match to join. But this won’t be in the ring! I’ve been informed that the guards have sanctioned a match in the shower blocks at The Warden’s blessing. Let’s join the action!”

We join the crew backstage where several guards have blocked out the entrance to the shower block, all the inmates have crowded in behind the guards with it yet to be clear who will be facing one another. After a brief scuffle amongst the crowd, two men are pushed into the tiled room. They share a glance, before they both take in their surroundings. The Warden steps out from the crowd, a grin in place, “what did you all think you were signing up for? Summer camp?! Last man standing earns himself his own cell, let’s see what you’ve got.”



Txa6NOo.jpg VS J0p5eY6.jpg


Ricky Blanco Jr and Taheiji Konoe circle one another briefly, neither man was ready for the fight or prepared for a fight in this environment. After a few pushes and shoves from the crowd, the two men engage, and it soon becomes clear that is an environment that suits Konoe far more than it does Blanco. Konoe threw his opponent around with ease, slamming him into the tiled walls, poleaxing him on benches, the match from the off was very one-sided. But the luchador refused to give in and found some momentum in utilising the slippery surface, and with no ropes to jump off of, he instead opted to use the crowd as a means to get airborne. Despite the comeback, going airborne proved to be his downfall, as Konoe caught him mid-air with an ANIMALISTIC GORE into the shower wall that rendered Blanco unconscious. The guards stepped in and The Warden raised Konoe’s hand, whose bruised face, speckled with blood couldn’t have shown less emotion.

“An intense battle between those two men, but one has to hope Blanco Jr was not too seriously hurt there,” Bloydell added as the crowd began to fade along with the guards.

“Regardless, I’m sure his pride will be,” Century added.



As Blanco began to come to, he groaned and reached for his ribs, his pain evident despite being unable to see his expression. He attempted to climb to his feet, but quickly slipped back down to one knee. A hand reached into the shot, which he happily took, raised to his feet, Ricky came face to face with the last group of men he could have hoped for as the episode came to a close.






Sioux Proud defeated Ethereum (Conduit & Maven)


Hammer Hadley defeated Rob Edwards & Christian Blithe


Taheiji Konoe defeated Ricky Blanco Jr



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After the opening contest of the Security Threat Tournament saw Sioux Proud advance to the next round, we will see six more teams compete, including duo's from Konoe-kai, Saltwater Crooks & Ethereum.

Garry the Counsellor will hold his first therapy session with Rob Edwards and the rest of his cohorts.

The back door pass challenge has been discussed, will one of the inmates finally pluck up the courage to take on one of our solitary confinement members?

Also, we will discover the aftermath of the Red-Bellies assault, how has Ricky Blanco Jr recovered, will he accept the assistance offered or will he continue on the prideful path he began on.

Find out what happens next in this enthralling project, every Wednesday, only on the REVO Network!


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