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4 promotions, countless superstars but only 1 can win

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this i no way relates to real life hey this is the follow up from the dynasty game, we will use tcp for this mulit-player game, we will do it in the style of a diary. so here we go. BACKSTORY: a foreign multi millonaire has bought out tna and wwe, vince believed sinced he has no wrestling business he would keep vince in charge and did agree to have the whole family under lifetime contacts. however like many millonaire, the buyer was doing this for his own personal gain, just weeks after buyer the companies the buyer sold the company to four seperate people, michaelp, nevermore, benjacko and twister all bought 25% of the company, the 4 men all taked cotrol of the names of(to vince's disused) WWE, WCW, ECW AND TNA. Twister kept the wwe, michaelp took over wcw, nevermore went hardcore with ecw and benjacko took over tna. However certain clause was neede in the sale. All promotions will have the same amount of money, same shows at the same length, the orginal buyer wanted to see a true war with the best booker coming out on top. Amazingly in the lifetime contract for the mcmahon the owner had another clause, this clause was that all 4 members of the mcmahon must go to his selected promotions. He decide that vince should stay in wwe because he would never work against his own brain child, he sent shane to tna because he knows how much shane wanted his own promotion. he sent stephaine to ecw for the sheer enjoyment of seeing heyman and steph working together, and linda went to the remanding company wcw. later i will post roster and info etc.
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