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Worker requirements for Male and Female brands

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I am guessing this is a suggestion rather than a bug


At the moment when you create two brands with one brand focus "Male Wrestlers" and the other "Female Wrestlers" the company will need to hire more men to fill the roster. It would be better if  the game was able to recognise that the brands are for different genders and not require more men being hired. Potentially, if the game needs more workers, it could boost the womens numbers needed instead?

At the moment it also throws the balance off the whole roster. This example is a "big" company. Before the brands with a "medium" roster size owner the number of male wrestlers needed are 45-55. After creating the brands the game says the company requires 68-82 male wrestlers. If you make the owner wants a "small" roster the numbers are 54-66, if "very small" it become 40-50

Or in other words no matter how you edit the owner you can't replicate a similar sized men's roster than would usually be required for one male brand for that company, it will always be a few more or a few less.

Hope that makes sense




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