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King of the CornellVerse

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This is the tournement that will choose who can go through all of their competitors without losing once. The tournement consists of every single CornellVerse wrestler. It is single elimination, so if you lose, you're out. Each round will consist of a different type of match to find out who can win in any kind of environment. The first few rounds will not include largely detailed PBP, but once the final 16 is reached, I will try to cover as much as possible without going nuts. Let's kick off this first round! The entire first round will be contested under standard rules. Aaron Mustafa defeated Abraham Slam with the Implant DDT 11:40, C+ Acid defeated Ace Youngblood with the Slingshot Moonsault 5:00, F Adam Martinez defeated Adam Matravers with the Death Valley Driver 14:10, B+ Akima Brave defeated Air Attack Weasel with the Samoan Suplex 17:20, D Akinori Kwakami defeated Al Coleman with the Tiger Bomb 6:10, F Alan Parent defeated Al the Hillbilly with the Texas Deathlock 17:50, B+ Alex DeColt defeated Alex Braun with the DeColt Driver 13:20, E Alexander Robinson defeated Alexis Lee Littlefeather after Littlefeather missed the Moonsault 12:10, C Alison Capone defeated Ali Bloxsome with the Small Package 14:40, C+ Alysian Scottsfield defeated Alpha Female with the Mandible Claw 78:00, A Amane Shunsen defeated American Buffalo with the Flying Body Press 17:20, C American Machine defeated American Elemental with the Double Arm DDT 9:40, F Amy Galaxy defeated Andre Jones with the Twisting Face Crusher 10:20, F Angel Takudome defeated Angelico del Mexico with the Tiger Bomb 13:50, B- Angry Gilmore defeated Anna Ki with the Anger Management 10:40, F Antonio defeated Apprentica Jr. with the Head and Arm Suplex 14:20, A* April Appleseed defeated Arata Yasuhiro with the Twisting Face Crusher 8:40, F Aristocrat defeated Arinori Inoguchi with the Camel Clutch Cradle 5:30, F Arson Wells defeated Arjen Van Den Leyne with the Superkick 20:20, C- Art Reed defeated Arthur T. Turtle with the Dread Lock 9:20, D Atlantis Jr. defeated Asiatico with the Flying Body Press 6:50, F Axxis Jr. defeated Aud D'Hoffryn with the Superplex 9:30, E That wraps up this portion of the first round. I will get back to you all later. Remember, this is an extremely large tournement, so you will be able to follow it for months. Go ahead and discuss the tournement here, whether it be about match results that surprised you, predictions for who will win it all, and anything else! [B]UPDATE[/B] on July 11. More first round action coming at you. Bairei Yasujiro defeated Barry Griffin with the Glittering Magician Knee 15:30, C+ Bart Biggz defeated Barry Kingman with the Flying Body Press 15:30, E Battle Sakata defeated Beetle Kimura with the Sakata Twist 7:00, F Ben Williams defeated Big BOSS Kotoku with the Glittering Magician Knee 8:00, C- Big Cat Brandon defeated Big Smack Scott when Scott missed the Smack Shuffle 28:30, B- Bigger Dan Ewe defeated Billy Jack Shearer with the Running Big Boot 22:00, C+ Billy Russel defeated Billy Robinson with the Finishing Knee Strike 4:50, F Black Hat Bailey defeated Black Eagle with the Bailey Breaker 13:00, C+ Blood Raven defeated Black Widow 15:20, C- More exciting first round wrestling tomorrow! Until then, goodbye.
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