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Another License Question

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Mmmk, I sent this to elicense on the 5th of this month. Problem Description: This has happened with Wrestling Spirit. I double click the executable, and nothing happens. I tried putting it in compatability (I tried both Windows 95 and 98) and it says cannot get a license at this time, try program later. It's been day 5, still can't get anything in compatability mode, and it still wont load regularly. I tried reinstalling the software, patching the software, and nothing has worked so far. Which is strange because last week, it worked perfectly fine. I haven't installed any new software, I did a Virus Scan, and my computer is virtually spyware free (I used ad-aware, spydoctor, and spybot). So I really don't understand. So yea, I sent that on the 5th to elicense, they haven't replied yet. Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I just send them another petition?
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