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Some Narrative Suggestions

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Here are some ideas I had regarding narratives:

- Connecting narratives. So, for example, if you have a narrative at a 50% chance of happening, and something else you want to happen but ONLY if that 50% chance one happens, then instead of having to make the 50 a 100, you should be able to just link the events together, so that if the one 50% event happens, the other one has an X% chance of happening, but if it doesn't then it won't happen at all.

- More effects, like killing workers, decreasing popularity, and giving them attributes.

- The ability to have more than one worker/company/etc. need to be present for it, and/or someone's contract, so for example, "If Brock Lesnar is working for WWE, run this narrative about Brock Lesnar in WWE". 


I dunno, just a few things I thought of while playing around with the narratives. :)

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