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tag team match additions

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so, since mr. ryland came up with the "resting on apron"-feature for the next update, i don't have to write about that feature... but what i am missing even more in these match types, is the situation where your tag team partner breaks up a pinfall or a finishing submission. sure, this should not happen everytime as the match would continue forever, but in reality, it happens pretty often in such matches, but (maybe only for me?) it does not happen in wreSpi. idea: maybe you could make it the way that if your tag partner on the apron is not at least "low" in stamina, he has a high chance to interfere and save the match-up. this would also cause this matches to see more than one wrestler, who dominates and wins the match on his own. if you ask me, that would inject a bit more reality in this bouts... any comments? greetz scorpio
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