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[B]PTSCF is just starting. Great time to JOIN.[/B]

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Hello to all, I am Kelley Avery and I was running a league with an old program that crashed. I am the current owner of Oklahoma State in the Gridiron Glory league. I would like to start up a league for those of you who are looking for a little bit more Bowl Bound action. I do not want to take onwers away from Mark's league. In fact I am planning on staying in the GG. I just want to give owners a chance to control a different team. Prime Time Sports College Football is letting owners coach two teams a BCS conference team and a non BCS conference team. The league will have a playoff system to decide the championship. Teams will range in Prestige from 75 to 45 hoping that this will help some of the lower teams get a better recruiting class. Sim games will be twice a week. So there is alot of teams left. Hurry and get your team they will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. The website is [url][B]http://www.ptscf.net[/B][/url] To join the league just send me a list of three teams and a four digit password to this email: [email][B]genie2369@hotmail.com[/B][/email]
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