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Customising Moves

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Hi bigevil, We are having a chat with Adam which begins in about 10 mins. Please come join in and ask your questions directly to Adam! You will need to download an IRC client (mIRC, pirch, or another IRC client) and then connect to irc.stratics.com or, alternatively, to one of the following servers: irc.stratics.com USA stratics.afraidyet.net USA - Atlanta stratics.frws.com USA - Colorado irc.glowfish.de EU - Germany irc.epaxsys.net USA - Colorado Once you are connected, you can join the #GDS channel by typing /join #GDS For more information on how to get connected using mIRC, please visit [url]http://chat.stratics.com[/url]. You will find a Quick connect guide at [url]http://chat.stratics.com/content/co...uickconnect.php[/url]. Tara
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