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1PW: It's Time To Conquer The World

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-Backstory- No, I didn't win the lottery and but 1PW. No, I didn't become best friends with Steve Gauntley. Oh, and NO, I didnt secretly kill the head booker and become it. I am a normal guy that worked his ass off to be where he is. My name is Carson Pierce and this is my story. I made my way onto the wrestling scene as a ring announcer. This was for my brother's backyard promotion...and I was 17..but hey you half to start somewhere...right? Anyway, I was in my brother's promotion for about 2 years...when I finally realized that I had to do something with my life. I needed a job, and since I didnt get into college, I needed to start small. I began working on the ring crew for CWF: Mid Atlantic, a promotion out of Greensboro, NC. I got fired after a few months. So, I got another (temporary) job at Chick-Fil-A and I enrolled in Vocational School. Maybe my life was about to get better...or was it? While in Vocational School, I took a trip over to The UK. This was about January 2005 (I was about 20) and I was just getting out of class for the weekend. So, I decided to look around...maybe find some wrestling. As I drove around I saw a sign for some place called "ONE UP PRO WRESTLING TRYOUTS". I looked around and I saw that it was a wrestling promotion-to be and would be open in a matter of months. Of course, I was no pro wrestler and wasn't trained, so I went in and applied for a writer. Within a matter of days, I got a call from 1PW saying I didn't get the job as a writer. They said I wasn't quite qualified. I was thinking to myself "What the ****? Did I say I got an A in English in my first semester?" As the 1PW guy kept going, he said that I had previous expieriance as a ring crew member. And, as the rest is history, I was the head of the ring crew for 1PW...Yeah, they changed the name to ONE PRO WRESTLING. I hung up the phone with a smile. Hey, now that I think about it...Head of 1PW Ring Crew...that sounds pretty official...right? RIGHT? Anyway, by the time the first meeting was called, I was called to go back home. I had been here three months...wow...that was fast. I went to my first 1PW meeting, headed by owner Steven Gauntley. It was mainly about the debut show. He said that since it was now mid-April, and we need talent, staff, plans, etc.,we should have our first OFFICIAL show in late Sep. to October. Throughout those months, I put in lots of ideas for signings, ideas, etc. Suprisingly, I became part of the booking team! WOW! My dreams were finally coming true. With the money I was getting, I bought an apartment in the UK, I furnished it and I was living a good life. Throughout the months, Steve was having to do lots just as an owner, and was no longer able to be head booker. No. Way. The choice was between me, and Al Snow. Snow was actually planning to become a road agent, after months of work, Steve had made me head booker. He said it would be effective IMMEDIATLEY after the debut show. Now, 1PW was going to be big, it was going to have a strong roster, it would conquer the world! [QUOTE] [B]1PW's Debut Show :: "A Cruel Twist of Fate" (result credit to 1pwonline.com)[/B] Dark Match: Proving Ground Battle Royal Darren Burridge emerges victorious in a 16 man Battle Royal, earning a 1PW Contract. At 7pm, Joe Dombrowski headed to the ring. He addressed the live fans, welcoming them to 1PW’s Inaugural show! Joe then introduced his broadcast colleague, and 1PW Color Commentator, Kingdom James. Both men once again welcomed the fans, and rand through the lineup of tonight’s show. The fans begin a “1P-DUB!” chant as the intro video plays. The crowd go nuts, and more “1P-DUB!” chants ascend as the show begins. Joe then introduces our first contest… Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm b. Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin. Jonny Storm pinned Jerry Lynn. Awesome match to start off the show, with all four men giving it everything they’ve got. Jody Fleisch hit the 720 DDT for a close 3 count. Other crazy spots include Jody Fleisch hitting the Shooting Star Press off the ropes to the outside of the ring! After the match, All four men showed their respect for each other, with a few hugs and handshakes. Tracy Smothers b. The Blue Meanie Pretty comic match. Smothers comes out with his Body Guard, and cuts a promo on Da Blue Guy, and bashing the British fans. The match then turns into a dance off minutes in, with it being broken up by a cheap shot from Smothers. But with a referee distraction, it was Tracy Smothers picking up the win after nailing The Blue Meanie with a chain around his fist. Spud, Shabazz and Stevie Lynn b. James Tighe, Ross Jordan and Ice XVII. Spud pinned Ross Jordan. A great 6 man action-packed match, with the underdog Spud getting a win for his team. After the match, Sterling Keenan makes his way to the ring, with none other than ‘The Monster’ Abyss right by his side! Sterling Keenan directs Abyss to attack all 6 men in the ring! Abyss destroyed all of the home-grown British Highfliers. Spud actually stands up to Abyss, but is soon nailed with a huge, sick Torture Rack manoeuvre. But before Abyss can do any more damage, AJ Styles interrupts and heads on down to the ring! AJ threatens Abyss with a steel chair before being split up by security. James Keenan then cuts a promo about his intentions in 1PW, explaining how he is untouchable now he has Abyss by his side. James Keenan then proceeds to call out D’Lo Brown, leading to… Sterling James Keenan b. D’Lo Brown Brilliant match, with Sterling Keenan coming out on top. Lots of back and forth action, which included a missed Frog-Splash attempt by D’Lo Brown. But Sterling Keenan did what he said he was gonna do, and he finally picked up a win against D’Lo Brown. After the match, D’Lo addressed the fans, and said that although he can be labelled a jobber tonight, tomorrow he’s going somewhere else, and unlike tonight, he’s going to be a winner. AWA World Heavyweight Championship: Steve Corino b. Al Snow Superb match, with many ref bumps. Early on in the match, Corino was knocked out of the ring and claimed to be injured. The whole crowd were really into it. Officials can down and helped Corino to the back. But as they hoisted him up, Corino turned around and knocked Al Snow right off his feet! This then led to interference from Blue Meanie and Tracy Smothers. The match also turned into a WWE imitation match, with both stars imitating WWE wrestler’s finishing moves; such as the People’s Elbow, Hogan Legdrop, Angle Slam, Ankle Lock, Stone Cold Stunner and Pedigree. Al Snow had the Mandible Claw in while the referee was down, and Corino nearly tapped out! Finish came when Al Snow missed a shot with Head, and Corino finished him off with a Clothesline From hell for the win. 1PW’s Joe Dombrowski and Kingdom James head to the ring to thank the fans in attendance. However, there is NO TURNING BACK for 1PW! Joe announces that on Saturday, January 7 2006 1PW returns back to the Doncaster Dome for 1PW’s ‘No Turning Back’ tour show. However, it doesn’t end there. On Sunday January 8 2006, the 1PW No Turning Back tour concludes as we roll into the Winter Gardens in Blackpool!!! Joe then runs down the list of new talent that will be appearing, which include Charlie Haas, Sabu, Mastato Tanaka, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe! -Intermission- Low Ki b. Iceman Strong Style match. There was no love lost in this contest, when the UK veteran Iceman took on the toughness of Low Ki. The former ROH Champion laid into Iceman with a series of brutal kicks and moves. In the end, it was Low Ki who became the better of the two, though Iceman proved to be a tough challenger. Doug Williams b. Austin Aries. Awesome technical match-up. A lot of back and forth action between the two ROH stars, and it was the British Doug Williams who gained a second victory over the former ROH Champion, giving him a 2-0 score against Aries. Raven’s Rules Street fight Raven vs. The Sandman Before the match, Joe read out a statement from Raven, in which he expressed his dislike for The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and the UK. Raven then got on the mic and cut a promo on The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer himself. He was then interrupted by The Sandman, who made his usual entrance through the crowd. The match gets started, and the two men battle it out old ECW style. Both men brawl to the outside, and Raven goes backstage for a Trash can, which he slams over Sandman’s head. Raven goes to the back again and tries to pull out a shopping cart… but it gets stuck… “Man in a Box” by Alice in Chains blasts throughout the PA system, and “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer makes his entrance, attacking Raven and Sandman on the arena floor. Joe Dombrowski then makes it official: Raven’s Rules Street fight: Three way Dance! The Sandman b. Raven and Tommy Dreamer The match continued with all three men beating the living daylights out of each other old ECW style. Sandman went to the technical area and carried back with him a piece of guard rail! Dreamer also found some pizza in one of the trash cans, and in vintage Dreamer Style started eating it in the ring! Finish came when Dreamer helped get Raven on the table, and Sandman did his classic sunset flip off the top rope through the table for the 3 count! After the match, Sandman and Dreamer celebrated while Raven laid there in the middle of the ring. AJ Styles b. Abyss It was now time for the main event of the evening; and what a match it was to finish the show! Sterling Keenan was ejected from the ringside area early on in the match. Abyss knocks the referee down, and just before AJ manages to hit the Styles Clash! The ref is down as AJ attempts the cover, and Sterling Keenan grabs the X-Division title and runs into the ring, knocking AJ out with the title! The referee recovers as Abyss goes for the cover, but AJ kicks out after 2! An irate Abyss then goes under the ring…. And pulls out a big bag of thumb-tacks! Thousands of Tacks are spread across the ring, and Abyss attempts to slam AJ onto them. AJ is positioned onto the top turnbuckle by Abyss, who attempts a superplex, but it is reserved by AJ, who flips over and powerbombs him onto the tacks! AJ then goes for the pin, and emerges victorious! AJ Styles celebrates his win as the show comes to a close.[/QUOTE] This was my chance! It Was my time to shine! [U][B]1PW Info[/B][/U] [I]Size:[/I] Regional [I]Money:[/I] $120,000 [I]Style:[/I] Cutting Edge [I]Location:[/I] Midlands (UK) [I]Staff[/I] [U]OWNER[/U] Steven Gauntley [I]HEAD BOOKER[/I] Carson Pierce [U]BOOKING TEAM[/U] Al Snow Lance Storm Steve Corino Steve Gauntley Tracey Smothers [U]Road Agents[/U] Al Snow Jerry Lynn Lance Storm [I]Roster[/I] Abyss Al Snow Austin Aries Blue Meanie Chris Hamrick Colt Cabana Darren Burridge Doug Williams Homicide James Keenen Jerry Lynn Jody Fleisch Jonny Storm Lance Storm Petey Williams Rhino Ricky Reyes Roderick Strong Samoa Joe Spud Steve Corino Steven Gauntley Stevie Lynn Too Cold Scorpio Tracey Smothers Ulf Herman
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