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Minor Annoyance (Not the Wrestler)

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I'm in a Rookie to Legend game, and have done about a year working in the small promotions, trying to get over, and winning about half of my matches up, only losing against people a lot more over than myself, or by a freak finisher hit when they should be considering my momentum is so high, and there's is so low. For some reason, all though with CZCW I understand, I rarely get resigned after my nine months. NYCW, 4C, MAW, CZCW have all released me after nine months. 21CW resigned me the first time, but released me after my second contract expired. I just wondered why? I don't mind too much though, after nine months, the companies will sign me back, so when MAW and CZCW released me, I could resign with NYCW and 4C. All though I wanted to stay in MAW, was an uppermid carder beating Oscar Golden in a feud.
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