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Smackdown: Return To Glory

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[B]it is not a good time to be involoved with smackdown, after the formation of ECW, they have lost some big names such as kurt angle, tazz and randy otron who went to raw, then the injuries, batista return was a good thing, but they have lost big key names such as chris benoit, mark henry, bobby lashley and the great kahli, late changes to big matches has really effected their buy rate of the great american bash, now they currently have only 4 main eventers and one, mysterio is looking that he will enter a rivalry with a mid carder, chavo guerrero, then the is the story line factor, lately ecw and raw have been linking up for some good storyline, and the is even a rumour that vince mcmahon has neglacted smackdown behind the scene because of his current on screen involvment on raw, that is where i come in, i have been brought in to take complete control of smackdown, i cant cut a promo to save me life so long will still be GM, i have been given just one job, raise smackdown to it former glory, this is SMACKDOWN: RETURN TO GLORY REPLYS WANTED, ANY COMMENTS PLZ POST[/B]
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