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Stu Hart's Stats

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Yeah, I'd say his in-ring skills would be all bottomed out at Fs but his mic skill should be around C or C+, Charisma at about C+/B-, Acting should be A (given the turmoil his family's been through over the years, you have to imagine it takes quite a bit of this skill to be the paragon and maintain that somewhat stoic public image), psychology would probably be B+/A (you don't lose the ability to put on a good match just because you can't perform in that capacity anymore), Respect an A or A* (Paragon of one of wrestling's most accomplished families, easily one of the top 5 most respected people in the business, I'd think). Popularity would be maybe in the B range in Canada, C- in the US and maybe Japan. In wrestling circles, the surname 'Hart' has tremendous weight. You'd have to think Stu would be a major reason for that, given his progeny (and their spouses/children). Just looking at the people he's trained or who have trained at the Dungeon would be more than enough justification for padding his pseudo-intangible stats a bit, in my view.
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