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BTM Update 1

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This my first update for TEW2005, it was originally an update to the original TEW data a few years ago. It's basically an import and update job for now, though I think I may have missed out some data (if I have I'm sorry). So if you spot anything odd, let me know so I can correct it in the next update :) [B]Universe[/B]: Cornell Universe Update [B]Data[/B]: [URL="http://www.talking-goat.com/tew/BTMdata.rar"]World Data[/URL] (300kb) [B]Pictures[/B]: [URL="http://www.talking-goat.com/tew/Logos.zip"]Logos[/URL] (800kb) [URL="http://www.talking-goat.com/tew/Belts.rar"]Belts[/URL] (2mb) for anyone interested (and still with a copy of the original TEW) here's the original data we did for TEW:[URL="http://www.talking-goat.com/tew/BTMtew.rar"]http://www.talking-goat.com/tew/BTMtew.rar[/URL] I downloaded some picture packs a while back, but can't remember who they were, I think i got them from TEWfiles. I'm not claiming credit for the pictures, except for the Promotion Logos I made. If anyone wants to make some Poser pictures for the wrestlers, that'd be amazing. I tried but they turned out pretty crap, and in the process gained a new level of respect for you guys that can work out poser hehe. All feedback is welcome on this thread, positive and negative alike. -- Next Update to include: More Free Workers, Announcers, Road Agents & Refs (this will be as an 'import' pack so they'll slide into any games you've got going).
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