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Death of the Territories v1.0 Released

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To take a quote from the Kayfabe Memories website:


“We… believe that in many things, especially when it comes to hobbies, the fan will absorb whatever they can of the present, and then turn to the past to see what they have missed. And in terms of pro wrestling, the past is huge.”


Before the days of Sports Entertainment, the professional wrestling landscape was much different than that of today. Kayfabe, a term that carried over from the carnival days meaning to ‘always keep up the illusion, and never allow a moment's candor to reveal it's all an act’, was in full effect and fully enforced. Wrestlers, in general, maintained the illusion that what they did was real both in and outside the ring.


This scenario is a modification to the Original Data created by Adam Ryland (with permission). In attempting to replicate the early-mid eighties, the scale of power to moves is radically changed. While the days of Piledrivers breaking necks like twigs and causing fans to gasp in awe were coming to an end, the effectiveness of such moves is still relevant. On the other end of the spectrum, Powerbombs and their splashier ‘new wave’ cousins are now much harder to pull off, yet induce amazing reactions from the ‘older-schooled’ fans.

For those used to the modern day approach to ‘Sports Entertainment’, and those used to the Wrestling Spirit Original Data, expect a slightly differing approach to your matches from what you may be used to.

Psychology, a telling stat, plays an important role to matches.



Scenario Details:


Promotions: 28


U.S.: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (National/Traditional), World Wrestling Federation (National/Sports Entertainment), American Wrestling Association (National/Pure), Georgia Championship Wrestling (Cult/Traditional), World Class Championship Wrestling (Cult/Sports Entertainment), Mid-South Wrestling (Cult/Traditional), Championship Wrestling from Florida (Regional/Sports Entertainment), Central States (Regional/Traditional), Championship Wrestling Association (Regional/Sports Entertainment), Pacific Northwest (Small/Hybrid), Southwest Championship Wrestling (Small/Hardcore), Houston Championship (Small/Traditional), Southeastern Championship Wrestling (Local/Traditional), Polynesian Pro Wrestling (Local/Garbage)


Canada: Maple Leaf Promotions (Regional/Hybrid), Calgary Stampede (Regional/Hybrid), International Wrestling Montrael (Small/Hybrid), Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling (Small/Traditional/Seasonal), All-Star Wrestling (Local/Garbage)


Japan: All Japan Pro Wrestling (Cult/Pure), New Japan Pro Wrestling (Cult/Hybrid), Universal Pro-Wrestling (Small/Pure)


Mexico: Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (Cult/Lucha), World Wrestling Council (Regional/Hardcore), Universal Wrestling Association (Small/Lucha)


U.K.: Joint Promotions (Cult/Traditional), All Star Wrestling (Small/Hybrid)


Australia: World Championship Wrestling (Regional/Hardcore)



Workers: 788

Moves: 1403

Movesets: 499



General State of the Business:


• The NWA Board of Directors is currently at war with each other; greedy eyes look toward the toddler cable industry and speculate on fortunes made. Jim Crockett Jr. – owner of the Mid-Atlantic promotion, Bob Geigel of the Central States, Eddie Graham of Florida, Fritz Von Erich in Texas, Jim Barnett in Georgia, and Vince McMahon Jr. in the New England/Tri-State regions have come to odds.

• In early 1983, Vincent K. McMahon officially left the NWA organization, informally declaring war on the agreed upon territorial system that has been in place since the late 40s. The political jockeying for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is getting fierce between the remaining members. Crockett having Ric Flair, Geigel having Harley Race, and Fritz having his son David are amongst the candidates.

• The Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS) is proving to be a sore spot amongst various wrestling promoters. Currently, Jim Barnett & Ole Anderson’s Georgia Championship Wrestling is the sole promotion on the Superstation – but times are changing. Vince McMahon and the WWF, who already has a sweet cable television deal (the USA Network), Jim Crockett Jr. with Mid-Atlantic Championship, and Bill Watts with Mid-South are prime candidates to take over GCW’s failing (and coveted) 6:05 PM Saturday slot.

• In Japan, a promotion war has broken out amongst the two top federations in the country, long-time NWA affiliated All-Japan, run by Giant Baba, and New-Japan, run by Antonio Inoki. While Baba has enjoyed a long and successful run at the top of Japanese wrestling, thanks in large part to his proven relationship with the NWA, Inoki’s New-Japan has made great strides to challenge that reign. One of the biggest reasons of New-Japan’s recent popularity, besides the ultra charismatic ‘foreign’ workers Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, is Inoki’s recent working relationship with the Universal Wrestling Association, based out of Mexico. This influx of lucha-style wrestling, already gaining popularity in Japan for many years, combined with an already explosive junior heavyweight division – thanks entirely to Tiger Mask and the Dynamite Kid series of matches, has resulted in a great surge of public interest in Inkoi’s promotion.





Current Release: v3.5


Main Files: DOTT.zip


Logos: logos.zip

Belts: belts.zip


People1: people1.zip

People2: people2.zip

People3: people3.zip

People4: people4.zip


Moves1: moves1.zip

Moves2: moves2.zip


** Please remember to update WreSpi to its latest patch. Currently, that would be v1.6




"Eat the Rich!"

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And to make it clear right now in the beginning, as to people replying with complaints about workers missing, moves missing, wrong stats and other such, I direct you to a statement made by Mr. Ryland himself on EWR.


Any statistics are subjective. If you don't like them, there's an editor in the game that you can use. Please don't mail me with your long, drawn-out explanation of why your favourite indi wrestler should have 100% brawling because 'he is really kool and usez chairz and barb wir and he sets peepol on fire and he jumps off hi places onto peeple", because I'm not interested.


With that said, feel free to enjoy a scenario devoted to a time when wrestling was wrestling.

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I must say that when I heard you guys were doing this scenario I was greatly pleased. I really enjoyed the work that was done on the scenario for TEW. My personal wrestling knowledge began in 1984. So, you guys have put together something that is as close to that as possible. I truly appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into this extremely detailed and highly accurate scenario. My best wishes to both of you and please know that your work is very much appreciated in this long time fan.


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Feedback will be appreciated by anyone willing to provide it, Doc - thanks.

I'm sure things might have fell through the cracks in testing. Whatever did, we will address in an update down the line before we move on to our next project: a scenario for WreSpi based on the 70s.


Thanks for the great comments, iujim1; it means a lot.

The whole point was to entertain ourselves, but we honestly hope that those that appreciate the era will have just as much fun with it as we have.


Again, thanks.

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I just finished playing 2 great matches in exhibition


the first

The Junk yard Dog vs Rick Steiner

the bout lasted 59 minutes and got a B- rating

I was JYD and it was a back and forth fight the entir match.


You guys did an excellent job with JYD's movelist , I noticed that Rick kept doing the side headlock takedown like all the time might be a glitch with my game though


2nd match

The iron Shiek and The Shiek Vs. Steve and Brad Armstrong

this was another great match it lasted 55 minutes . We(the Shieks) dominated up until the 30 minute mark , Brad came in and started reversing moves left and right luckily though the The Iron Shiek decided to "Recieve messages from Alla" and then he locked in the Camel clutch for the victory


We got a C- minus for the match.



overall guys I love it the commentary portions are soemtimes funny but they are appropiate.


Love the details you added with the moves and wrestlers themselves. I can't get enough of the Pencil jab to arm orany other body part.


It will be hard for another scenario to beat this one. My hats are off to you guys excellent job

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A few guys that are recommended to give a try as:


Dynamite Kid

Bob Backlund (The work D Boon's did on the way finishers and big moves works, makes Bob a great worker)

Harley Race

Ken Patera (At this point in his career, Patera could power through almost anyone)

Andre the Giant (Just try to beat him... although Backlund probably would stand a great shot at it)

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My pride and joy, though - the crown jewel of the scenario, imo, is The Sheik. It's just too bad the guy is so darned old, heh.

I poured my heart into that guy, as he was really big amongst my older family members that enjoyed the 'sport'. Being from Cleveland and having family in Michigan, I remember quite well the horror that the Sheik induced, heh.


In a lot of ways, it's pretty obvious to see who we really liked in the time period; those guys that are as close to spot-on as can be, heh. Adonis and Orton, Adrian Street and the Sheik, the Legion of Doom stable; those were the guys I celebrated, as a fan.


JYD is mostly Rick's doing, as Rick was a fan of his in the day. I originally had modeled him a tad further along in his career, but Rick made me realize just how darned good the Dog was in the early 80s.


Steiner going for the twerp moves is probably a result of his stats reflecting that he is a rookie. He needs much training to fit into his moveset, so the moves available to him are pretty limited to start. He is going for the best possible move in the situation, which was to take you off your feet as much as possible. Granted, I'm not sure why he wouldn't try a Snap Mare or Fireman's Carry...

I'll look into his AI.

The B- match is pretty much online to what we are shooting for - possibly a tad too high for it being against Rick Steiner. JYD, at this point, is pure electric; he could sneeze and the fans would drop dead in awe. :)



Thanks a lot for the compliments, guys. I can not speak for Rick, but it means a heck of a lot to me.

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Mr. Ryland - we should be thanking you, heh. I am a huge fan of this game, and just love the concept behind it. Nostalgia, as you probably know, grows more and more important as you get older; more and more cherished, heh.


The framework that you provided goes a long way towards recapturing a slice of that nostalgia.

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Having not been around until 1987, I don't remember many of these guys, but from what I've heard I've missed out on the golden age of wrestling. I haven't played through the scenario as of yet due to an exam tomorrow which I'm meant to be studying for now... I have had a good look through the editor however and everything looks good as far as I can tell. Nice to see "Stunning" Steve Austin, a young Mick Foley and a young Shawn Michaels. At least I'll have seen some workers in the data :)
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Like I said earlier, I'm just absolutely amazed by this scenario. I really can never express in words how I feel. Imagine how tough that is for a high school English teacher! Obviously, I started off as Ric Flair. Since I have been amazed by his ring presence and work rate for almost twenty years now. He signed a verbal contract with WWF and AWA right off the bat. Since he was a maineventer, that appeared to be easy to do. My very first match in my new game was for WWF against none other than Bruno Sammartino. I couldn't freaking believe it. While I enjoyed the Cornell Universe as much as the next guy, this just makes the game so much better. It really brings back the original essence of the games I remember playing of Adam's many years ago. He would release these amazing scenarios that would have me playing for months after I thought I was done with the game. You guys have done that again. This time it appears to be able to last a lot longer. I am still playing the one for TEW by the way. Amazing work. Absolutely amazing. That is all I can say, again.


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man I hate you guys ;) since this scenario was released I haven't done an ounce of work :)


I've started a career with Rick Steiner and I'm mainly working for UWA . I jsut finished my 4th match with them which was a match against la parka for the Lightweight belt. I beat him in 54 minutes and got a good b- rating . Then I had a 3 vs 3 match , me and two other guys vs. Rey Misterio , La parka and someone else. I Pinned la parka at the 45 min mark after hitting an over head belly to belly suplex. Now I've got another match to degfend my lightweight title against la parka.


And just aquestion I got booked to fight in the Cstates and it had me pick from 2 of their shows . is it possible to wrestle in both of the shows or not

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