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Death of the Territories v1.0 Released

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We are trying to put our finger on this Michaels issue, as it doesn't make sense at all.


If you start a Rookie to Legend career as an 18 year old and completely max out your Speed, you start at 40. Michaels is 19 years old and starts at 48 Speed... you would think that he wouldn't max out a month later.

Would that Rookie-to-Legend 18 year old also max out a month later?


So, there is something going on in there that Rick and I aren't seeing.

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I just noticed that some moves don't have a description . can't remember which ones though


But those are pretty self explainitory anyway


The only thing that I see wrong with it, is that Mick Foley did not go on to become Brother Love, that would be Bruce Prichard, Mick went on to be DUDE Love.


But it's still a good job!

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I thought I'd post this here sicne it deals with this scenario.


as I've noted before I'm playing a career with Rick steiner and I recently had his Physcology peak. Now I'm trying to ge a small increase in his speed and technical abilty but I'm having a hard time.. heres all the info , I'm hoping you guys might have some tips ?


Training Regime:


Focus on Cardio = 15%


Focus on Physcology = 0


Focus on Strength work = 15%


Focus on technical Skills: 25%


Focus on Speed work= 15%


Focus on working safety= 15%


Focus on Microphone technique = 15%




Training with mentor=33%


Fitness Regime =33%


Review Wrestling Footage = 33%


Free time = 1%


Fitness Regime:


Road Work=20%

Physical Strength=20%


Speed and Flexibilty=20%

Muscle mass=20%

Weight loss= 0%


Expert Opinion:


Weight = no change


Strength = increase after 2 weks


Stamina = increases after 6 weeks


Speed= no change


Technique = decrease in 1 week


Physcology = At my peak


Safety = no change


Microphone skills = increase after 6 weeks


Charisma = increase after 6 weeks



any help is appreciated and if this is in the wrong place I'm sorry

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Some rookie stats changes were made, but Adam has stated that rookie progession is random, so one game may have Michaels max out at 52 speed, while another could go 100.


The 'Guitar Shot to Head' was added and placed in the HTM's moveset. As well as was Flair's birthyear fixed.


The newest update can be download from the site.

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Doc, I would probably knock down Rick's microphone technique to nil and focus that extra time on your technical skills.

You can always pick up mic advice from backstage gossip.


But I'd most likely just download the stat update and use that, heh. Steiner, along with all future/present rookies, are better scaled now to take into account that stat maximums are randomized.


Complete Changes in v1.1 update:


* the 'Brother' was replaced by 'Dude' in the Foley bio - thanks, Komodo!

* Georgia Championship has been given another house show event

* Flair's birth year corrected

* All rookies (future and present) have had stat boosts

* 'Guitar Blast to the Head' move added, put into the Honky Tonk Man moveset

* Minor Tweaks to some moves



And I'm just shocked that no one has commented on the 'surprise wrestler', heh.


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Great! Now I can start my career as the Honky Tonk Man (The Greatest Intercontinental Champion OF ALL TIME!). Time to lay out some folks with the Guitar.


I just hope I don't have to face that surprise wrestler. Yikes.


I was looking around to see if I could find any photos to fill in some of the missing ones. So fsar, I have found 3, all attached in case anyone wants them:


Angelo Poffo


Billy Joe Travis


Bobby Whitlock


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I have a question about the "sizes" used for the wrestlers. I noticed that Iron Mike Sharpe is listed as a "middleweight". Now, I remember Sharpe being a pretty big guy, and this bio:




lists him at 6'4" and 275 lbs. That seems too big for a middleweight, but I don't really understand the "weight classes" in this game. What are the approximate parameters for "lightweight", "middleweight", "heavyweight", etc.?


Mean Mark Callous is listed as a Heavyweight, but he was/is around 6'10" - granted he wasn't as heavy as he is now, but he still seems like at least a "large heavyweight" to me.


There are a few others that seem strange to me, but I'm not really sure how size transaltes into weight class.

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The TEW to WreSpi data converter did seem to make some questionable calls on weight classes. Being the American that I am (heh), I have been trained to think of someone like Nick Bockwinkel (about 240 pounds) as being a 'Heavyweight'. I believe that the WreSpi scale is more along the lines of boxing, though, where a 240 pounder would be a Middleweight.

I think. :)


Rick and I attempted to get as many of them reverted to their more ideal weight classes, but some of them fell through the cracks.

I do agree with you on Callous. I had thought I changed him to Large Heavyweight, but forgot about it along the way. I have done so for the next update.

Sharpe? I always picture Mike Sharpe as being that hovering midcard heel in Mid-South. While he was taller than most people, he was a lot skinnier than he would later be as WWF enhancement. He was built much like Ted Dibiase, now that I think of it.


It's a tough issue, to be sure. If Mark Callous, Sid Vicious, and Hulk Hogan would be Large Heavyweights - Nikita Koloff, Barry Darsow, and Steve 'Dr. Death' Williams are Heavyweights - and Nick Bockwinkel, Roddy Piper, and Ric Flair are Middleweights, where do you put Ted Dibiase?

Dibiase is taller than Flair, but 'smaller' than Dr. Death... Middleweight, or Heavyweight?


Some calls that we made are probably questionable. We'll go back through them and try to make better judgements on those 'in betweeners' for the next update.

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Cool. Incidentally, in boxing 240 pounds would be a heavyweight, and a big one at that. The middleweight boxing weight class is 155-160 lbs. Heavyweight is anyone over 195 lbs, with most comeptitive heavies going between 215-250 lbs.



I see what you mean about the judgement calls. Is it possible for workers to move up in weight class if they weight train enough? I've never seen a wrestler actually gain weight. In some cases, a guy could be considered at one weight class in his early career, and another when he gets older (perhaps Mike Sharpe is a good example of this)


Steve Austin is listed at middleweight, but in my mind he seems like a heavyweight. Then again, I can see the argument the other way as well. I guess with "tweeners", it might be best to go by their style. DiBiase was a technical wrestler who did not rely on a lot of "power" moves, so middleweight might suit him better. Either way, it is a tough call.


I am trying to put together pictures for as many of the picture-less workers in this set as I can, and I was wondering if there was an easy way to get a list of who was without a photo. I have been going down the list one by one, but between the volume of names and my poor handwriting, it ihas been an uneven effort. In addition to the three I posted earlier, I have also found pics for:


Joey Marella

Joe Frazier

Randy "Pee Wee" Anderson

Jerry Jarrett

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Don't worry about it, I will make my own list. I have about 8 guys or so that I have found, I'll make a list and post it here a bit later.


Not to harp on the weight class trhing, but I noticed Ron Fuller was listed as a middleweight. My (possibly faulty) memory of Fuller was that he was a really big guy - I remember running into him after he retired and owned the local minor league hockey team, and he towered over me. His brother Robert was definitely a middleweight, but Ron seems like a Heavy to me.

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I count 82 workerswithout pics in version 1 (Actually, Ray Mendosa has a pic but it is not set as his default).


So far, I have found pics for the following 23 workers:


Angelo Poffo

Barry Orton

Billy Joe Travis

Bobby Whitlock

Boyd Pierce

Dan Greer

Dave Brown

Don Coss

Francisco Alonso Lutteroth

George South

Hugo Savinovich

Jake Milliman

Jason the Terrible

Jeff Gaylord

Jerry Jarrett

Joe Frazier

Joe Savoldi

Joey Marella

John Tolos

Lance Russell

Madusa Miceli

Paul Morton

Randy Anderson



I am still working on the others. I hope to get about half of them when I'm done.

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Lower level Japan feds?


I'm wondering if there were any lower level feds in Japan at this time?

It seems a little difficult if you want to start a rookie career in Japan to get signed since the two available promotions are both Cult level. (I haven't tried, just anticipating! :D )

The closest thing I could come up with was Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling(?) which I believe didn't start up until '89. This was Atsushi Onita's garbage/hardcore fed famous for it's Death Matches.

I'm tempted to start it up myself as a local or small promotion a few years ahead of it's time, or switch Polynesian Pro to Japan for balance.

Any other suggestions for small Japanese promotions around this time?

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Fantastic list, ShootTheMoon. It would be nice if we can get those chaps covered.

While we are mentioning things without pictures... Polynesian Pro and Memphis (CWA) are the last promotions without logos. If anyone happens to run across logos for these two, I'd greatly appreciate if they point me in the right direction.


Magister369... that's my error, on that one. I had forgotten to change the database info version. I'll start naming each downloadable zip with their version number from now on, to further help with any confusion.


Xellence... I had not even considered that, about the Japanese promotions. NJPW originally started off a level below Baba's AJPW (as a Regional), but the closer to release we got, the more I thought the two should start off the same. What I failed to realize, though, was that Cult was too high for the rookies.

And it is.



I'll talk to Rick about it, but putting Polynesian Pro in Japan is a great idea. While it's not entirely accurate, we already have the World Wrestling Council as a Mexican promotion - so geographic tinkering is not out of the question.

Plus, the U.S. will still have local/small promotions - so the loss of PPW as an American promotion wouldn't be that big of a deal.

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Title suggestion


Being a big fan of Stampede Wrestling, I'm planning to add the British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title, held from 1978 to 1989 by mostly Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, Bruce Hart, Gama Singh, Chris Benoit and Johhny Smith, among others. Just wondering if it was a choice for you guys to leave it out or if it was an oversight?

If you do decide to add it, The Cobra was champion at the start of this scenario, followed by Sonny Two Rivers (Junji Hirata as a Native American. Gotta love the eighties for political correctness! :D ).

And I'd also like to thank you guys for igniting my passion for a lost (almost!) promotion and the research that goes along with it. It really gives me an appreciation for the superb job you've done in creating this mod!

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A few tweaks


I've just started playing a career with Lyger (Liger? Personally I prefer the "Y" spelling. But the mod has both in different places.). I happened to notice a few adjustments that could be made.


1. Lyger has no Running Lyger Bomb in his moveset! Since it is called a Lyger Bomb, I would think he might be the originator. In the description it is mentioned as being a move used by Ultimo Dragon. While that may be the case, I have changed the description in my game. Please correct me if you think I'm off-base here.


2. I tweaked the moves list by copying Fisherman's Buster and renaming it Avalanche Brainbuster for Lyger. He doesn't seem to hook the leg Fisherman's Buster style in the excellent photo I have of the move in action. (Once I figure how to do all this zip file stuff, I'll send you some excellent move pics! Any tips on how to do that would help as I'm using a Japanese computer and I'm not too good with reading the language!)


3. I changed Polynesian Pro to Japan and it seems to be going okay so far, but when I went backstage at the first show, Peter Maivia was there and when I clicked on his stat sheet, he had zeroes across the board! Not sure if this was my fault for messing with the data, but I checked the original DOTT files and zeroes there too.


Anyway, thought you might like to know! Time for bed! :D

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* High Chief Maivia has been fixed (thanks, Xellence)


* The British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title will be added in the next update. (The Cobra rocked, heh) Again, thanks!


* I included both spellings on Liger/Lyger as a play on the fact that everyone seems to spell it differently. Heh. I've always been meaning to go back in and tweak his moveset (which would entail making a few new moves, I believe), but I haven't gotten around to it quite yet. The Running Lyger Bomb was supposed to be for both men... I'm not sure how I let that slip. Anyway - this will be corrected for next update.


* Rick and I are including the Universal Pro-Wrestling as the third Japanese promotion (Small). As Maeda was big in this promotion, and had tired to turn it into a MMA fed (basically), we decided to add in a couple of notable shoot-type fighters; Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock. Shamrock is too young at this point, but it fits the general scheme of things.

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