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Death of the Territories v1.0 Released

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You better try and repair it with Meada, he broke Choshu's orbital bone shooting on him in a match. He once tried to shoot on Andre the Giant too, and the match turned into Andre trying to gauge Maeda's eyes out, and Maeda just laying in kicks to his legs, Andre collapsed at the end and Inoki had to rush out and stop the match.


I'm trying, I'm trying! I know all about his rep so the last thing I want is to have him go all shoot on me in a match, especially since I see the guy 3 or 4 times a week! :D By the way, has anyone every repaired a bad relationship? All I do when I see him is say hello, tell him he looks good, and wish him luck. He generally ignores me. I must have talked to him 10 times in the last month of game time and he's not warming.

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Ted tapped out to the Sharpshooter in an Exhibition match.


I'm waiting for verification on Ted winning the WWF Title, as I'm stunned that it's even possible. He's never even been booked by the AI in all of my testing; signed, but never booked - heh.

With that out of the way, the funniest experience with Ted I've had was in a first blood match against Ricky Morton. I finally paid him back for all those years of being a teeny bopper.

Ted is the First Blood King, dontchaknow. :)

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It's not really the power of the move that concerns me, it's how easily the computer seems to land it. I'll be dominating the match for the most part and then the computer opponent will put together a decent little string of moves, nothing serious. Then he hits a Leaping Piledriver, I use my Spirit Points to help me kick out, then he hits it another 1 or 2 times with no other moves in between. I have a hard enough time hitting a finisher once, nevermind 2 or 3 times in a row without a setup.


Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely loving this scenario. It's boosted the fun factor of Wrestling Spirit through the roof for me.


I've noticed that the new patch leaves you stunned after taking almost any type of finisher, which would explain the repeating Leaping Piledriver. Perhaps bumping the frequency or damage down a couple of notches would fix the move. It, Loaded Mask, and the Cavernara Clutch are my banes, I seem to lose more matches against those three moves than any other I've come across. As I tend to work in Mexico (and the west coast/centeral states federations), it might just be that I see those moves more than any other finisher type, but they're worth looking into. I've also noticed that my custom finisher (set at a Frequency of 40% and Success of 99%!) misses alot and I've yet to succeed in getting a pin off it when I do hit it. Now I know that it's supposed to be random, but come on, I've never had such a long spell of repeat kick outs (even against guys with no Spirit Points to spend) in my life.


On the other hand, I've found that my rookie (a midweight techy) can normally block the leaping piledriver and simply avoid the loaded mask shot the majority of the time. The Cave Clutch still stymies me in my frequent matches with 4:40 though.


Another move that seems a little "off" on how often it's used is the Eye Rake. I had Rey Mysterio and La Parka work me over good just with several eye rakes in succession, evadently get tired, and tag out to the other guy so he can have some happy funtime with my ocular region. Where the ref was when this was going on is beyond me. Musta been one of those Rudo refs and was getting the phone number of a girl in the front row. Still beat them though, managed to tag out and had my revenge with a repeated leg drop series by Blue Panther.


On an another amusing note, my rookie (only a month in) beat Bulldog Brown with a Loaded Boot Kick in a tryout match for Central States, while he was holding the heavyweight strap for another fed (PNW, I think). I had a good long laugh at that one (he was generous to the guys in charge for me too, I'm still surprised he works for Don)!


For my Ted story, I encountered the Bear in a try out for Southwestern (I think). Vicious, vicious thing. Bad mouthed me after the match to the owner, too. Perhaps I shouldn't have burnt his hair with a Fireball for the pin? ;) I kinda worried, though, as they still hired me and I get the feeling that I'll meet that bear again one day...


I love this update, thanks alot D. Boon and company! I haven't had this much fun with Wrespi since the games initial release. :)

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First off - let me just thank each and every one of you for your interest in this. I know there are hitches and wheezes hidden within (and a Bear that demands Dr. Pepper), but it's a labor of love; love of nostalgia, and love of this game.

The interest in the scenario really blows me away, to be honest. All the kind words of kudos are truly appreciated.

I do mean that.



Re: Loaded Masks, Leaping Piledrivers, and Bears - oh, my!


Rick and I were talking about the Loaded Masks the other day; in particular about my assigning the masked rudos to use the move. That's been one of those 'grey areas' that I have been uncomfortable about.

I profess a complete and utter ignorance on the intricacies of the lucha scene. While I know that a Piledriver would be a horribly rudo thing to do, I wasn't so sure on how they handled their masks. Would they use it as a weapon, as many American masked villains would do? I wasn't, and still am not too sure about that.

It seems to me that a rudo, like any lucha wrestler, would place too much importance on the mask to use it as a weapon. Still... I took the cheap way out, in that I didn't properly research that; giving the generic sets the Loaded Mask for a sure-fire Finisher on all sizes.

If anyone has any info on that, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Regardless, the Loaded .... (fill in the blank) moves have been slightly lowered to get them more in-line with the Brass Knuckles punch.

Give or take.


v1.3 will be released soon with some changes that smooth out much of the gameplay.

I'd still like to see that Save Game with Ted winning the WWF Title, though, Rocky. That's, like... Monty Python silly (not to mention incredulous)!

I'd hate to neuter him even more than he is. As stupid as it is, I think it funny having Ted around.

Much funnier than midgets.

Or Kevin Nash. ;)

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I've come across something strange. I've been starting games with different wrestlers until I find one that suits me. Yesterday I started a game using Mick Foley. After wrestling 1 match, his Toughness dropped 6 points. I figured I must've done something wrong and thought nothing else of it. Today I started a game with Tiger Mask. After wrestling 1 match (B- rating), I look and see that his Speed has dropped 16 points! So I look at "Expert Opinion" and it says that he's "reached his peak" for Speed (75). It seems like the game is knocking down various stats on these guys.


Any ideas?

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Monty Python silly eh?


"This is a wottle, it's the emblem of our land. You can stick it in a bottle you can hold it in yer 'and.."


"Isn't your name Bruce?" "No, It's Michael..." "That might cause a bit of confusion. You mind If we call yer Bruce instead?"


"I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, I sleep all night and I work all day... etc."


"Vroom? This thing wouldn't vroom if I shot 10,000 volts through it! This is an ex-parrot..."


The people who brough us such wonders as the cheese shop sketch... I'm sorry where were we again?

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... Today I started a game with Tiger Mask. After wrestling 1 match (B- rating), I look and see that his Speed has dropped 16 points! So I look at "Expert Opinion" and it says that he's "reached his peak" for Speed (75). It seems like the game is knocking down various stats on these guys.


Any ideas?


This is very troubling.

I'm pretty much dumbfounded and am awaiting word from Mr. Ryland on this. The only thing I can think of is that his Super Junior style would be limiting him, but even that makes no sense. How can the game dictate how athletically superior someone should or should not be?


I'm a fan of capping max stats, but not when it actively undermines a wrestler's starting stats.

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Totally agree with you on this D. Boone's Ghost. I'm glad you're looking into it. I enjoyed Tiger Mask in that match but I wonder how many of his moves I wouldn't have been able to use after the stat drop.


Also, I found a possible typo in a wrestler profile. I was checking out the Von Erich scene in WCCW and both David and Kevin are reffered to as the eldest of the Von Erich brothers. Kevin was the oldest, right? If David was the oldest I could understand Kevin becoming the oldest after David's death but I don't think that's the case here. I'm not positive but that's the way I vaguely remember it.

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I cant send my game file with Ted as champ,becouse i dont know how.But i think i see the problem,i checked the editor and it had Ted as being 'Usualy' a wrestler so i changed it to never.


Also the entire Von Erich family should be under life time contract's with WCCW becouse in my game it said that 'David Von Erich has parted way's with WCCW,becouse the two sides could not agree on term's of a new contract' which although could happen i think that it would be more realistic.


P.S:I know that some of the Von Erich's wrestled for the WWF im just saying it would be more realistic.

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Thanks, guys -- many of these errors are corrected in the v1.3 update for the scenario, which should be released later today. The first post of this thread has the finer details on what will be included.

The Nightmares were fixed; Ted is neutered to being Surprise wrestler exclusive (Rarely/On Hiatus); etc.


The Von Erich Boys... I can see your point, Rocky. I had set Kevin to being the lone Lifetime member of the World Class club (in next update), but may rethink that to include David, Kerry, and Mike.

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The Von Erich Boys... I can see your point, Rocky. I had set Kevin to being the lone Lifetime member of the World Class club (in next update), but may rethink that to include David, Kerry, and Mike.


How does that work with David though? IIRC, he died when he was doing a tour in Japan. I don't remember which fed he was working for but he was wrestling outside of WCCW. I think (not positive though) that Kerry was the only one to ever work for the WWF. At that point he was just a shadow of what he used to be.


EDIT: Oh yeah, thanks for looking into the stat issue. It's good to know that Adam is working on it.

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David was probably the most well traveled Von Erich - besides Fritz, of course. He did die on a Japan tour (a frequent occurance for some of the World Class roster), but he also was pretty solid in Florida (where he was a villain!) and the Central States/St. Louis promotions. As he was being groomed as a major player in the NWA, he was required to move around.

For that reason, I may leave David as he presently is in this 1.3 update: Written with World Class.


Kerry, though (we won't even discuss Mike - heh), will probably join Kevin in being Lifetime members of papa Fritz' clubhouse. My reasoning is that World Class could, in theory, become the Global promotion that WWF becomes. If they would, Kerry would be the perfect lead face.

David... I'm still on the fence with him. I really liked him, and think I would rather have him with opportunities open, as far as promotions to work.


Now - on to the banal question of the day, heh. Have any of you chaps tried the alternate backgrounds? If so, what do you think of them?

I wasn't sure if I should bother with them - but I think some of them are rather funny. If nothing, the blatant messages to Mr. Ryland were worth it. ;)

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Your logic on how to handle the Von Erich boys' contracts sounds pretty solid to me. David should be able to sign else where but I can see Kerry being a WCCW exclusive. His WWF career was nothing to speak of.


I haven't really used the alternate backgrounds. I don't even notice backgrounds. I'm pretty focused on the actual gameplay. I do like some of the old school move pics though.


Oh yeah! I was thinking (I'll try not to hurt myself)... maybe a move could be added to Jake the Snake's moveset. I remember he used to put his boa (was it called Damien?) on wrestlers after beating them. Maybe that could be worked in somehow? I remember when I was a kid we went crazy over that.

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Re: Jake


Forgive the mini-rant... but Jake has always been an important figure for me, at least in my short history as a big fan of the 'sport' (82-86ish).


I totally understand that if you had never seen Roberts before his entry into the WWF, the snake would probably have been cool. But...


One of the running jokes about the absolute nonsense of Sports Entertainment concerns ol' Jake and that snake of his. I'm sure this has been said before, but Jake was saddled with that reptile when McMahon felt his audience was too dumb to understand that Jake was the snake.


If anyone in professional wrestling did not need a hokey prop, it was Roberts. He's coming off some incredible runs in Florida (with Kevin Sullivan), Georgia (with Paul Ellering's Legion of Doom stable), World Class (teaming with Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez), and Mid-South (DDT'ing Terry Taylor through a chair, fighting Lord Humongous, etc.). What do you do with one of the most dangerous/evil/cold blooded men in wrestling? You give him a snake and have him give Andre a heart attack with it.

See? Snakes are bad... everyone is afraid of them! He must be a snake, 'cause he carries one around!! Har Har... look at Andre!


Blah crappo, I say.


I stopped being a fan when he did that snake bit with Andre. Even though I was a teenager, I just knew something was horribly, horribly wrong with that picture. Usually, the great wrestlers start off with dopey props and lose them when they realize that it's not needed (see: Piper). Roberts went the reverse direction and it was borderline insulting to me. :)


That's the long answer, heh.


The short answer would be - 'sure'! :)

I could put in some type of pre-match taunt involving Damian, ala the Sheik Camel Walk.



Dochappy: About that Figure Four around the post...

You'll have to refresh my memory - wasn't that move done with the attacker outside the ring, and the victim inside?

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