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Fall Of The One Ring Circus-XWD Edition

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I desided to do a little update, of my own based off Fall Of The One Ring Circus by TCP and Fall Of The One Ring Circus-FBL jeven3176, it's going be totally different, with some new promotions to play and some old, just to help make the game so much more exciting to play and the fans of TEW a choice of choice in play ability So far the select promotions are going to be [B][U]UK Promotions [/U][/B] 1PW IPW:UK FWA KSW [U][B]US Promotions [/B][/U] WWE ECW TNA LAW ROH FIP I'll go from there in adding more promotions, after the touches are fixed on each of these promotions ECW will be it's own fed for one reason, I keep seeing the other Mod makers adding them to in with WWE, and 95% of the wrester become released, so I came up with the idea of making it a promotion of it's own at a cult setting, that way it stays more to par with real life
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