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real world update get it here

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to install my update make a new data folder and put all the files from my update into the folder you just created which shoule be located in c:/programmefiles/GDS/wrestling spirit/data/ then the folder you created you will have to copy the sound files and the move pics from he default data folder other wise they will not appear in the update this update is only around 70% complete so be warned that all the move sets are not copleted and most of the wrestlers have just been giving custom moves for the time being, me and my nephew are currently working on the movesets so a bigger update with just the move sets will be out as soon as possible] all the feds and wrestlers are here, thanks to the ravex guys for there tew data for which i converted into the data for wrestling spirit just thought i would add that there are around 1500 workers and 30+ promotions sorry about this people my host took a dump on me so im using and alternative one, thanks for your patience so heres the file on a new host, this one should work as i normally use it [url]http://s3.youshareit.com/download.php?b7bb37deb6c8f2feda4f9f199c3d1eea[/url]
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