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Bret Phillips: The Dream Comes True. Or Does It?


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[COLOR=Red][U][B]Monday 14th February 2005 – Backstage at Raw live/Heat taping. (Cincinnati, Ohio.)[/B][/U][/COLOR] [I]I looked around the building in awe. So here I am in the WWE. Top of the world. Everything is mine for the taking. Tonight I have my first match. It’s a “dark match” against Chris “Masters” Mordetzky, to open the whole show to the audience. This is what I trained so hard for. This is why I took the laughs when I started my dream. This is what I wanted all along. All that was left was to put on a decent match.[/I] [COLOR=Blue]Me[/COLOR] “Hey Triple H hi.” [I]Hey that’s ok. He probably didn’t hear me right? I mean Triple H is my inspiration and my hero. He wouldn’t ignore me. Would he? No I’m sure he wouldn’t. Man I’m here early. Perhaps I should look around and see who I can find.[/I] [U][B]Later that night[/B][/U] [I]I’m talking to Chris about our match. Man this guy sure is chiselled. I thought I was in good shape but this guy is beyond a joke.[/I] [COLOR=Blue]Chris Masters[/COLOR] “You got that Bret?” [COLOR=Blue]Bret[/COLOR] “Yeh sure do. I’ll pin you with my feet on the ropes. Sounds good.” [COLOR=Blue]Chris Masters[/COLOR] “Yeh, just don’t mess it up. By the way, what’s your last name?” [COLOR=Blue]Bret[/COLOR] “Phillips, Bret Phillips.” [COLOR=Blue]Chris Masters [/COLOR] “Ok, that’s not very superstar (laughs) but I guess it’s not so bad. See you out there Bret.” [I]Gezz he seemed a nice enough guy. I hope he can do it in the ring though. He looked too good to be a good wrestler. Looks to me like this guy got in because of his amazing physique. Hey what am I saying? I’ve only been here five minutes and I’m already thinking cynically. I’m sure he’s a great wrestler.[/I] [U][B]So it’s our match[/B][/U] [I]I guess people just aren’t impressed with wrestling anymore. There was nothing wrong with that match. Chris did ok and I was as good as I can be. Fans just don’t give you a chance anymore. If you’re not some drugged up freak or swearing S.O.B then no one cares. Any takers on the bet that Chris gets a bigger push than me? [/I] [COLOR=Blue]Chris Masters[/COLOR] “Hey that went pretty well! You almost screwed it up for us but I think you got away with it.” [I]I screwed it up! Me! Who was the one who couldn’t even sell a DDT, who forgot that I was supposed to get up first?[/I] [COLOR=Blue]Bret Phillips[/COLOR] “Yeh I thought it went ok.” [COLOR=Blue]Chris Masters[/COLOR] “I’ll see you around Bret. You seem a good guy.” [I]Yeh I’m a good guy. Better than you anyway. You suck. But I guess it doesn’t matter here. At OVW Lance (Storm) always told me it didn’t matter how big you were, how much ass you kissed or how many steroid you could pop. He told me that I had enough sheer talent to make it. I believed him and I still do but when you see guys like Chris around, you do wonder what Vince really wants in his company.[/I] [COLOR=Green][I]Next update: Bret Phillips bio[/I][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Bret Phillips [B]Ring Name:[/B] Bret Phillips [B]Hometown:[/B] New York City, New York [B]Age:[/B] 22 [B]Height:[/B] 6’4” [B]Weight:[/B] 225 lbs. [B]Trained by:[/B] Lance Storm [B]Current Status:[/B] Just upgraded to the main WWE roster from OVW [B]Current Overness:[/B] Jobber [B]Current Skill:[/B] Good solid worker but very, very green. [COLOR=Green][I]Next update: A talk with Lance[/I][/COLOR]
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