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My greatest match.

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On the demo i was playing as Tadiyuki Kikkawa and decided to have a feud with Raul Hughes, and during a match with Mike Watson for my BHTWOG(Bad Sp) World title and i had delivered a Domination Powerbomb and Raul interfered and i never gained complete control and lost the match at 25 minitues and a C+ match. So the next week i faced Raul Hughes and by god the match lasted 50 minutes and i won but i was disapointed as i won as the ref stopped the match due to the amount of blood Raul lost (damn Kikkawa Driver on chair :) ), and the grade was impressive A- so the following show i had another match with Raul and we had a 47 minute match which Raul won and it got B grade. But the match that i think was the best was the 50 minute match with Raul regardless of me winning by the fact Raul lost a lot of blood.
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