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CornellVerse Career Profile

CornellVerse Career Profile  

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  1. 1. CornellVerse Career Profile

    • Sam Strong
    • Bruce The Giant
    • Sam Keith
    • Tadiyuki Kikkawa
    • Haruki Kudo AKA Hooded Kudo
    • Dread
    • Sadaharu Jimbo (PGHW Owner & Japanese legend)
    • Eisaku Kunomasu (DAVE's former PGHW superstar)
    • Rip Chord
    • Nemesis
    • Yoshifusa Maeda (GCG legend)
    • Christian Faith

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I voted for Sam Strong for basically all the reasons posted previously, but after viewing the Records on the CornellVerse site, I'd also at some point like to see a profile of Micky Starr who was the very first SWF Champion and now the play-by-play man for USPW...there's just gotta be a good story there.
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