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I have been playing wrespi2 like it is going out of fashion lately. And i really enjoy it, my question is about federation movement. In my game TNA rose to national and dropped back down to Cult and OVW also dropped a level as well. What controls what level a fed is at? Now to deviate this post somewhat and head perilously into the realm of a suggestion! As it stands a workers match rating is just fluff. Its just in there so you can see how well received your match was. What i think would be cool is if you could see the match ratings for all shows and that match ratings dictate what level a fed is at, like the match ratings do in TEW (this might already be the case) i just think it would be cool if you could affect a company to a small extent by wrestling well. For example if you were main eventing a fed and constantly putting on A* matches there popularity would increase. I really think this would add a new dimension to the game. Lets say you start a RTL game, you are 10 years in to it, you have risen to A* overness throughout the world and have won all the championships the top fed in the world has to offer. This might lead you to feel that you had reached end-game. But if match rating affected fed size you could apply for a job with a fed that had just started up and try to make that fed great just by putting on good matches. You could even intentinally job to an opponent to help strengthen the roster. Just a thought, i'd like to hear your opinions on the idea.
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