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Think i just got screwed

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I'm at the one foot line playing as Wake Forest against a ranked Virginia Tech squad. So i decide to call the QB sneak on 4th and goal instead of kick the field goal (conventional wisdom says take the points i know). Here's what i get ... [CODE]Wake Forest ball, Q2, 4-1-VT1 (06:52) 7-10 Offense: Inside Run, Set: Goal Line, Play: GL-QB-sneak-RG Defense: Stop Run, Set: Dime, Play: Dime-norm-Man QB Bob Mitchell hands the ball to RB. The defensive line reads it right away and DT Chris Foley buries him in the backfield.WAKE: Loss of 2 on the play. [/CODE] WTF?? Since when does a QB hand the ball of to the RB on a sneak? Had they stuffed my QB , fine, but to see a totally different play show up on the pbp really irked me.
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