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WWE - Begins again at October 2006

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Hello everyone! First of all, this is my first ever dynastie. Also i am from germany, so i'm sorry for my bad english.;) By the way... how could i insert pics?... --- RAW – October Week 1 Calihan Hall – Detroit, MI RAW starts with the camera pans around a pumped crowd, the fireworks shooting around the arena. Ross: “Welcome ladies and gentleman. This is Monday Night RAW, my name is Jim Ross and i’m at ringside along with Jerry “The King” Lawler!” Lawler: “It is great to be here in the sold out Calihan Hall in Detroit, Michigan JR. We’ve got a lot of great action tonight and in the main event we see John Cena one on one with Mankind!” Ross: “Also tonight we will see...” --- Jim Ross is interrupted as the music of the chairman, Vincent Kennedy McMahon starts to play. McMahon walks down the ramp with a mic and enters the ring. McMahon: “Welcome to Detroit, MI... Welcome to Monday Night RAW” Vince McMahon earns cheap pops for announcing Detroit, MI, from the crowd. McMahon: “Tonight, it all begins again! It is a new era of professional wrestling. It is a new era of sports entertainment. In the last month there were a lot of things, which turned out worst, so i decided to change the way WWE goes. It will be more like “Back to the Basics”... and you all remember our great attitude era. So as the first step to the right way, let me introduce to you, the new general manager of Smackdown!... “STONE COLD” STEVE AUSTIN!” Glass Shatters as Stone Cold enters the arena under monster pops. The crowd turned crazy. Austin entered the ring with a mic and shakes McMahons hand. Austin: “I look around the arena and the only thing i see are shocked faces... well... it is great to be back here at the WWE. The fans started to cheer “Austin, Austin, Austin”... Austin: “Schhhh... Schhh... I’m here” Stone Cold told with a wink. Austin: “Many of you wondering why i’m here in the ring... shaking the hand of Vince McMahon... not kickin’ his ass around the arena... well, never say never! But for right now, i am here to change a lot of things. One week ago, Vince called me... “Hey Stone Cold, i’m looking for a new GM of Smackdown! What do you think?”... after a second i told him that Stone Cold will be the GM... but he has some...requirements. Everything is under my control... no interference from anyone! And what on earth said this son of a b*tch?! “Hell Yeah!” Also i got the control for tonights episode of Raw! The crowd cheered for a Stone Cold Stunner on Vince McMahon! Austin: “Stone Cold would enjoy this night like you... so let us make some matches together... if you like to see... John Cena vs. Mankind... No Holds Barred... give me a Hell Yeah! The crowd responds “Hell Yeah!”... Austin: “And for the voyeurs like Stone Cold... there will be a Six Divas Bra and Panties Match for the Womens Championship. Trish Stratus is facing Victoria, Lita, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson and the lovely Maria!” McMahon: “That will be great matches we will enjoy tonight. So you people see... WWE changed his ways back to the basics! And for some personal reason... it is great to have you back Steve!” Vince McMahon again attempts to shake Austins hand... Austin: “Wooow Wooow Wooow... i’m not finished yet. So far we have John Cena vs Mankind... No Holds Barred... and the Six Divas Bra and Panties Match Match for the Womens Championship... but a Monday Night Raw without a great main event? McMahon: “No main event? I thought Cena vs...” Austin: “Did i said something towards this direction?... In the main event, we will see “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels goes one on one... with... Vince McMahon!... And that’s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!!” Stone Cold walks out leaving Vince McMahon standing in the ring looking deranged. --- Ross: “What an announcement! Stone Cold Steve Austin is the new general manager of Smackdown!” Lawler: “Hell Yeah! It is great to have him back... and tonight Shawn Michaels one on one with Vince McMahon himself... i can’t wait for this... Ross: “But up next, the WWE Intercontinental Championship will be on the line, when Jeff Hardy is facing “The Masterpiece”... --- WWE Intercontinental Championship Jeff Hardy (c) vs. “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters A solid Intercontinental Championship match. The end comes after 12:04min, as Masters misses a Clothesline in the corner, following of the Whisper of the Wind and a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy. --- Backstage, the camera is showing Vince and Shane McMahon, as the chairman argues about his match later tonight against Shawn Michaels. Vince McMahon: “That damn Austin. He only got this job because of me! And this is my reward?! No “thank you”... no respect... nothing!” Shane McMahon: “Didn’t you said, Austin only got this position, because there is no one else? Vince McMahon: “Whatever! Shane, take care, that tonight Shawn Michaels is not in the condition to beat me. This is my chance for revenge! I do not forgive or forget what he has done to me at Wrestlemania...” --- Backstage we saw “Mean” Gene Okerlund standing in the locker room next to Edge. Okerlund: “Ladies and gentleman i am back here at Raw with one man, who will become the chance tonight, in a Triple Threat Match to be the No.1 Contender for John Cena’s WWE Title... Edge! Edge, what later tonight you are facing two up cummers. Carlito and Rob Conway. What is your plan... your way to win?” Edge: “Gene... for you and the other dumb asses out there... lets make this simple and clear... i walk to the ring, beat the crap out of the honolulu guy and the playboy and at Cyber Sunday, i will beat John Cena for the WWE Title!... Easy enough for you?” Okerlund: “Well.::” Edge: “Look... i don’t have the time and nerves to wrestle around with someones like Carlito and Conway! I am the future of this company. The new franchise player! I am a two time World Champion and the most talented person in this industry! At Summerslam, the only reason, why Cena pinned me, was luck! But John... it will never happen again!” --- We see a hype video for Triple H. He will be in action next week. --- Tag Team Match Cryme Time vs. Spirit Squad: Nick Mitchell and Nick Nemeth In their debut match, Cryme Time are defeating Spirit Squads Nick Mitchell and Nick Nemeth via pinfall from Shad Gaspard on Mitchell after a Samoan Drop / Flipping Neckbreaker Combo in 11:35. During their match, Gaspard and JTG earned big pops from the crowd. --- After the match, Spirit Squad is on their way to the back, as Cryme Time standing in the ring, celebrating their victory! JTG: “Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo... Cryme Time wins this thing! Shad Jizzle, JT Wizzle rockin’ the house. So everyone watch out. We’re coming again...! --- After a commercial break, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are on their announce table, talking about the upcoming matches... Ross: “What a evening so far... Jeff Hardy defended his Intercontinental Championship against Chris Masters and Cryme Time had a great debut with beating Spirit Squads Mitch and Nicky.” Lawler: “You’re right JR. I’m not a fan of this west coast style, Cryme Time had, but it was awesome. And there is still more to come! John Cena have to defend his WWE Championship against this weirdo Mankind in a No Holds Barred Match later tonight!” Ross: “Also we see Carlito taking on Rob Conway and Edge, to find out who will be the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Title at Cyber Sunday!” --- Mankind stands backstage with a mic in the hand ready to say a thing or two... Mankind: “John Cena... tonight is the night... you will face your worst nightmare. No Holds Barred... Maybe you are the franchise of RAW, maybe you are the greatest champion ever... BUT... you never fight No Holds Barred and you never met a real hardcore icon! Tables, Ladders, Chairs, Steel Cages, Thumbtacks, Kendo Sticks... i’ve seen it all... and i’ve survived it all... and tonight, i will show you, that Mick Foley is more, than a modern gloryfied stuntman!... Have a nice day!” --- WWE Womens Championship Bra and Panties Elimination Six Way Match Trish Stratus (c) vs Ashley vs Torrie Wilson vs Lita vs Victoria vs Mickie James Trish Stratus retains her WWE Womens Championship in 14:22. The first elimination was Torrie Wilson after being stripped by Mickie James. After that, Victoria and Lita teamed up together to strip Ashley Massaro to her bra and panties. Victoria hits the Widows Peak on Trish Stratus and orders Lita to hit her patented Moonsault from the top rope. As Lita climbs the ropes, Victoria sneaks up from behind and strips Lita, only to get stripped by Trish Stratus after that happens. --- After the match, Trish Stratus celebrated her victory in the ring, as Lita and Victoria entering and overpowered her. Trish tooks a major beating from the two divas. Lita: “Trish Stratus, you’ve made a big mistake with this win. I’m hunting you and i’m taking the Womens Title back to where it belongs... to me!” Victoria tooks a microfon and turns toward Lita. Victoria: “Lita, Honey...you know as good as me, that the only one who deserves this title, is me... but you impressed me... I’ve got something in mind... what about... you and me, teaming up together, to get this title. And whenever anyone from us wins it... the other one gets the first shot for it! What do you think?” Lita: “You are impressed by me?... Really... Awesome... really awesome... you know what... i don’t like you Vic, but you got a point there. So... you’re on!” Lita drops the mic down and shakes the hand of Victoria leading the two divas celebrating over the floored Trish Stratus. --- After that, the cam wandering around through the backstage area, stopping by the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels... Michaels: “Vince Vince Vince... you never learn a thing. Look back... 6 month ago at Wrestlemania, i beat the holy **** out of you. Driving you through tables, hit you with a ladder and manhandeling you and your “Product of your semen”, your son Shane. Well, don’t think, i hold something back tonight. For HBK it is a main event on Monday Night Raw. And when it is against the chairman of the board... i even don’t need any motivation! It is a pleasure to kick your ass tonight... and if Shane or anyone else interfere... i got an ass more to kick! And if you’re not down with that, i’ve got two words for yaaa...” SUCK IT! sounds all over the arena... --- Ross: “What an announcement from Shawn Michaels. Tonight he goes one on one with the boss himself... Mr. McMahon!” Lawler: “Why do you call him “Mr. McMahon”... it is Vince! No Mr. or something else... simply Vince.” Ross: “And up next, we will find out who will be the champ at the next RAW pay-per-view Cyber Sunday. Will it be Mankind or the reigning champ John Cena...” Lawler: “I can’t wait to see it...” Jerry Lawler were interrupted by the theme of the current WWE Champion John Cena. --- WWE Championship No Holds Barred Match John Cena (c) vs Mankind In a heck of a brawl, Mankind and John Cena beating the hell out of each other.The end cames after 15:14 when John Cena hits an F-U through a table in the center of the ring. On his way to the locker room, John Cena celebrating with the fans, leaving Mankind in the ring, bloodied and down after this brutal brawl. --- Backstage the camera finds Trish Stratus and Ashley in their locker room, talking about their match and Victorias and Litas attack. Trish: “Damn, it hurts a lot... these bitches!” Ashley: “But hey, you are still the WWE Womens Champion, right?” Trish: “Right... but...” Ashley: “So don’t complain... enjoy the feeling.” Trish: “Enjoy the feeling? Ashley, they are coming again and again and again until they take the title from me. They got backup, i’m all alone and...” Ashley: “You got me Trish!?” Trish: “I got you?...” Ashley: “Yeah, why not!? You were the first diva who accepts me here. You teached me a lot of ring stategy and tactics... the life as a professional... so it is more as fair, when i’m watching your back. Trust me...” --- Gene Okerlund is backstage with Carlito. Okerlund: “I’m here with one of the three participants of the upcoming Triple Threat Match for the No.1 Contendership for the WWE Championship... Carlito! Carlito, how do you see your chances for success tonight against Conway and Edge?” Carlito: “My chances for success?... Gene, what did you smoke?... Carlito enters this ring as the underdog against Conway and Edge and leaves as the No.1 Contender. And at Cyber Sunday, Carlito will defeat John Cena and become for the first time... the WWE Champion... and that... that’s cool!” --- Before the match started, the WWE Champion John Cena came down the ramp and sit down near the ring aside of Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross... No.1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday Triple Threat Match Carlito vs Rob Conway vs Edge Edge defeated Rob Conway and Edge in 9:40 after a Spear on Carlito. Before it happens, Carlito hits his Back Cracker on Conway, ready to get the three count, as Candice Michelle interferes and distracts the referee so Edge has the time to hit Carlito with a chair to the head! After this bout, Edge and John Cena had a staredown from the ring to ringside. Both men are ready and hot for Cyber Sunday... --- Ross: “What a match... Edge steals this one from Carlito” Lawler: “I wouldn’t say he steals is... Edge were smart enough to make the best out of this situation. And now we got our first match for Cyber Sunday... the Main Event! John Cena must defend his WWE Championship against Edge! And you fans can vote for the type of the match. More next week!” Ross: “Up next ist tonights main event. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the new general manager from Smackdown! has the control over this episode of raw and made the upcoming match. Mr. McMahon faces “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels...” --- Some familiar music hits, as the McMahon family in person of Vince McMahon and his son Shane entering the ring. Vince McMahon: “I made a big mistake, giving the control of Smackdown! to Stone Cold Steve Austin and i regret this mistake. But for right now i concentrate myself for my match against Shawn Michaels... Shawn... i never forget the things you’ve done to me. So tonight, get ready to...” Vince McMahon can’t say anymore, because the theme of Shawn Michaels hits the arena and the Showstopper comes out with big big pops! --- Singles Match “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs Mr. McMahon Shawn Michaels gets the win in 13:11 via pinfall after a failed interference from Shane McMahon. Shane accidently hits his father with a Dropkick from the top rope only to get floored himself by a Sweet Chin Music from HBK. Easy pinfall on the down chairman. The show ends as Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring, having some beer bash with Shawn Michaels celebrating his victory. Overall Rating for Raw: A
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