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mini gig review


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I have just got back from seeing Razorlight in Plymouth and i saw Keane in Plymouth on Monday so if anyone is interested here are my thoughts: Keane: Its dificult to get an atmosphere going when your stuff is 'middle of the road' the lead singer tried he was very chatty, but not particuarly clever ala Adam Duritz, he kept rambling on about love and peace and to be honest, if your not particuarly interesting its probably best you stick to the singing, which in fairness was good, you can't question the music it was played faltlessly. But thats the problem, music isn't supposed to be perfect. It is supposed to be embued with passion and energy and when he was singing a song he actually liked it shone like a beacon. All in all i would say it was a good experience, but i probably wouldn't go again! Razorlight: Well for starters i have had a stinking cold all day, so i got off on the wrong foot. We also waited about 30 minutes to get served in some australian theme pub (wetherspoons was full) only to be told they wern't serving food because they had run out of lettuce, i looked at my mate Chris (who's a big lad) and took a glance at my own sizeable frame before exclaiming 'do we look like we are gonna oder salad?' it was to no avail and but for a trendy looking cafe bar called varsity we would have been gigging on an empty stomach. Anyway, i digress, back to the concert. Im still on a bit of a high so im not quite sure how to put this, Razorlight are awesome! No two ways about it, everything about the show was good. Even the vaguely comical support act got a good reaction. It was a predictably young and racous crowd which helped make for a good atmosphere (far better than when i saw Bon Jovi earlier this year) They opened up with a couple of belting tracks including Golden touch and they crafted there way to a crescendo ending with 'somewhere else' here is a band who know how to work a show! I wouldn't class myself a huge Razorlight fan, sure i have there first albumn, but they entertained me throughout. The songs were filled with raw, honest emotion and peformed in geldoff-like fashion. If you like a few Razorlight tracks i urge you to catch a show if they are playing nearby you, won't regret it!
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