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A new idea...I think.

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Hey all. My name is Mike Greenslade, MikeyG on here...obviously. Anyways, I had an idea. And I was wondering what all of you think. This can incorporate everyone one the boards, all at once, or just a few people depending on who gets involved. It's diary-equ so I figured I'd put it out there and see what everyone thinks. So, here is the deal. Everyone on the boards (Who wants to work together on this) List a few workers that they'd be interesting in telling a story with. Not writing whole shows...just a storyline involving two...or more wrestlers. Rather it be Cornellverse or Real World Wrestlers makes no difference. Anyways, everyone picks a couple of wrestlers that they are interested in writing with. We as a board start writing shows, which I can put together if need be. It won't take much work being that everyone interested will do their part. These could end up being very short shows or actually very long. Once everyone picks their wrestlers we set up a show. All the details of the show can be made up once we get to that point. The show, and the name ect ect. Continuing...We'll work in months. 4 Weekly shows and then a Pay Per View. The writers who choose each set of workers, no matter what the numbers, will write the storylines involving only those workers. Those writers can do as they please with the characters rather they want to try and get them over, or treat them like jobbers. However, we are looking for realism here. Anyways, to make a long story short. We as a group put together cards that everyone takes part in writing. As far as matches go if no one wants to write them I can do that. Anyways, we put together shows and at the end of each show and the Pay Per View we'll discuss storylines and vote on who did the best for that month and such. I know what your all thinking. This won't work...but I think its interesting and gets everyone involved into one project while not taking TONS of time from anyone in particular. It's just an idea, and if I don't get a number of people to join up it will die like so many others ideas from the boards. I think it will be fun...what do you think? ===== Note: This will be freehand, and not based off of TEW other than characters and such.
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