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Has anyone else heard of it? Seen it? It's quickly looking like it's going to be a pro wrestling fans dream channel with promotions like Adrenaline Unleashed (partnered with NWA Pro), XCW, and DSW each running weekly shows on the network. Adrenaline Unleashed, LLC and NWA Pro Wrestling, LLC have come to terms in partnering to produce content for national cable television network, MavTV. Independently owned and operated by the Mav’rick Entertainment Network, MavTV has announced that it will add “Adrenaline Unleashed” to its lineup in November. The first program offering from this new partnership will be a National Wrestling Alliance branded weekly television hour. The partnership also plans to produce specials and develop several pro wrestling related programs for MavTV and other media distribution. Their official website forAdrenaline Unleashed is [url]www.adrenaline-unleashed.com[/url]. More on the NWA program (which will be called "NWA Pro Wrestling Showcase" and styled after Crockett/WTBS studio wrestling) can be found at [url]http://nwawrestling.com/nwanews/index.php?p=373[/url] Texas' XCW Pro Wrestling runs weekly events in Denton, Texas using local names including Redd Dawg (WWE's Rodney Mack), Necro Butcher, Masada, Scott Putski, Chris Marvel, Don Juan, Kit Carson, and Darin Childs, among others. The promotion has been quietly gaining clearances in different Southerwestern markets and pushing their events via Video on Demand PPV channels in additional markets as well in recent months. Their official website is [url]www.xcwprowrestling.com[/url]. WWE developmental territory Deep South Wrestling runs regularly in Georgia, including weekly TV tapings in McDonough and monthly events at Six Flags in Georgia. The company is headed by Jody Hamilton. Their official website can be found at [url]www.dswrestling.com[/url]. For those of you who get it, you're in for a special treat tonight as the NWA and Adrenaline Unleashed air the two hour NWA Pro Wrestling Summit at 10:00 tonight. Oh, you can find the channel's website at MavTV.com :)
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