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Jackie Dugan Bio/Render (plus XXCW logo)

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[I]Thanks to the amazing rendering talents of UNDERTAKER666 I have an in-game style rendering of one of the characters from my upcoming comic book [URL="http://www.60minutebroadway.com"]60 Minute Broadway[/URL]. I use Jackie in my XXCW diary (logo for that promotion included) and I wanted to provide a bio for him in case anyone ever felt the desire to use him in their game. Feel free to use the character! Thanks again Undertaker666![/I] [IMG]http://www.johnkeating.biz/TEW/XXCW.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.johnkeating.biz/TEW/JackieDugan.jpg[/IMG] Name: Jackie Dugan Age: 55 Nationality: American (Texas born and bred!) Size: Middleweight Style: Brawler [INDENT]Jackie Dugan started wrestling when he was 16 years old. His single mother struggling to feed 3 kids, Jackie took it upon himself to be the "man of family" and earn a living doing the only thing he knew how...fighting. He would wrestle and fight shoot matches at local carnivals trying to eek out a living as a shooter. Once turned onto the nature of Professional Wrestling, he jumped in with both feet and never looked back. "You mean to tell me that I could get paid and not have to fight for my life every night. Hell, I was all for that." He bounced around the local Texas scene for years before finding some success with the now defunct Universal Wrestling Alliance as an upper card wrestler under a hood...the Masked Crippler. His biggest claim to fame was a one hour time limit draw with World Champion Nick Staviks in the legendary Madison Square Garden. Dugan, not one for the politics and backstabbings of the mainstream wrestling world, went to Japan and worked Mexico before returning to the states as an indy legend. The wrestler no one could keep in one place too long. It was there that he befriended the 38 year old Ace Hazzard, a jobber for the big leagues who was closing out his career in the purgatory the indies had become. The two men could not have been further apart but became fast friends, engaging in one of the wildest feuds that the Mid South had seen in some time. With the twighlight of Jackie's career upon him (and his knees breaking down at a daily rate) and Ace's winding down as well the two men went into business together one last time. Wanting to see glory restored to the Texas independant wrestling scene they created Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW) as a place where legends can stop by and new legends can emerge. XXCW will be their legacy.[/INDENT]
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