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Neverwinter Nights 2


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So I bought the game, Booted it up and was so excited I was nearly wetting myself. After quite a long install, I immediately update in case I missed something and have to wait for an 85mg patch. By this point alarm bells are ringing, but I percevered. Got into the game and started creating my character, which took me about an hour (which is great, I love the details) and click start chapter, the excitement nearly killing me. Then... I get a cut-scene that is so laggy I can't concentrate on the game and then it crashes and boots me out. I could have cried, I even checked drivers on my geForce 6600 GS, which were fine and nothing. I now hate the game and the lack of support from Atari and Obsidion and it made me so happy that GDS and Adam are so good with support and patching. Bravo to everyone here once again!
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