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National Wrestling Alliance: The Next Step

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[CENTER][B][U][SIZE="5"]National Wrestling Alliance[/SIZE][/U] [COLOR="DarkRed"]The Next Step[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER] [INDENT][B]2004:[/B] A gruesome year for the National Wrestling Alliance. Their brainchild and newest addition, Total Nonstop Action, had withdrawn from the historic wrestling company. Not only this, but in the process the "deserters" scored a legal deal that set them in control of the NWA World Heavyweight and NWA World Tag Team championships. Total Nonstop Action had risen through the ranks of professional wrestling, with the help of the NWA and suddenly they abbondened them in a hearbeat. As fast as they had joined the prestigious franchise, so fast they they leave it. This foiled, spoiled and ended the Alliance's chance of going back dominance. NWA had secured a pay-per-view deal, a big time spot for the company and a big chance for stardom, but firs they changed the pay-per-vieww deal, then move out of Nashville and finally destory the NWA rise. Many asked why, but no answers were given. Now TNA was on it's own, with the NWA world championships and had taken everything the National Wrestling Alliance had given them. What did they had to do? The answer came late next year. [B]2005:[/B] The year of 2005 proved to be a second chance for Alliance. In October, a new executive director stepped up for the plate. His name was Bob Trobich. His first words to his new corporation, was that he would bring the NWA back to it's former glory. He would right the wrongs and the mistakes with had happened with Total Nonstop Action and said that he would bring back the real NWA feeling. Trobich quickly began his work as he gathered every piece of information on every small federation un der the National Wrestling Alliance banner. Trobich wanted a reformation. With help of several NWA promoters, Trobich began setting his plan in motion. Several private meetings were held, of which even the lower employee's of the NWA were unaware of. There was indeed something in the making. Trobich had already made bold statements on his first days on the post. Every phrase, sentence and rant would show it's result a half year later, in the month of July 2006. [B]July, 2006:[/B] Finally, the plans and meetings showed results as the National Wrestling Alliance announced on their website that the new major NWA promotion would open it's doors in a matter of days. In truth, several performers had worked with the NWA, under several house shows. These events had been held all over the United States but mainly in the area of Missouri. No-one except the attendance, Bob Trobich and a small group of NWA promoters knew about these events. As the day dawned, a series of quick decisions rocked the world of wrestling. Because after contract disputes with Total Nonstop Action, the management of this new found NWA federation scored Ron Killings, a former NWA World Heavyweight champion and Shelton Benjamin, who had skipped the WWE after he felt underused and mistreated. The next day a full roster was given, as NWA: Pro Wrestling Alliance went into active duty.[/INDENT]
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