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Completed 1970 pstats.dat file complete!

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Just a thought, and maybe really just a suggestion to Arlie for some future version or expansion of Bowl Bound ..... Could the team scholarship rules be made moddable? The stuff like max number of scholarships that a team can have total, or give out in a single season? The reason why is that even before this the idea had crossed my mind for a mod along the lines of "In the era of the Bear". Basically I'm thinking of something that would let a player recreate the era when there weren't scholarship limits and teams like Alabama could go stockpile every good RB in the country. Seems like such a mod would make an interesting variation on the current game. Maybe even to the point where Arlie could sell it as an add-on or expansion pack. I'm guessing it may be more than just giving a player the ability to change a number or two. Instead, it probably effects some of the AI routines on recruiting and how players and rosters are handled. But it still seemed like a neat idea. I think it would be interesting to see if you could compete with the super powers in such a system, or build another school up to that Alabama sort of level. And this thread about a 1970's mod got me thinking about it again.
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