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scheduling gotcha for modders

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Hi there, I just ran into a gotcha concerning scheduling in the mod I'm making for myself. Since I was setting up college football the way I wanted it, I put a team like Notre Dame into a conference with the other Midwest teams. But here's the gotcha. There's a table called something like "Schedule match" that has some pre-programmed opponents for Notre Dame and some of the other more independent teams. This is what sets it up so that in the stock game, Notre Dame is playing Navy, Army, USC and some of their other traditional games. I didn't realize this prior to my first season, so I hadn't made any changes here. And what the game did was it gave Notre Dame an impressive 15 game schedule for the year! Notre Dame got their new conference games, their rivalry with BC, plus their traditional games with Navy, USC etc .... this ended up filling up all 15 weeks on the schedule with games for Notre Dame. I've since gone into the stats.dat file for the save and edited this table. Mainly just took everything out, as now all my teams are in regional conferences and I don't feel like I need these special games. As coach of mighty North Texas St., I'd already created a couple of home and home contracts. So I left those two lines in this table, then cleaned out all the other lines that set up the other games. I haven't rolled into a new season yet, so hopefully there's no bugs here to cause a RTF then. But for now, I just thought I'd give a head's up to any perspective modders that if they are making changes like this, they might want to go look at this schedule match table .... or else they'll have Notre Dame playing 15 games a season. :)
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