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In order of priority 1. [B]More print options[/B]. especially at the recruit screen. at present all it prints is under the personal heading (combine stats) with no recruit interest shown. also print option at player visit screen is currently unavaliable. 2. [B]Switch color code to numbers[/B]. Being i am color blind (10% of all males) brown, red & green give me fits. i know it's the (below average) & (good) colors that look the same. i know if you place the cursor over the color it then tells you what they are but its really a time consuming process. changing either the (below average) or (good) color scheme to black or white would solve this problem also. 3. [B]Yearly contracts to coaches[/B]. It never fails that at least one coach leaves my team every year. I dont believe the coach hiring process is too far up on anyones cant wait to do list and changing it to a 1-5 year contract offer that either party cant get out of would solve this. 4. [B]Player Training Tweaks[/B] I totally dont trust my coaches with the training process but at the same time i dont have time to go through 70+ players and fine tune their training. Could be solved by giving option: GPA <1.99 ([U]enter training effort #[/U] ) GPA 2.00-2.49 (enter training effort) GPA 2.50-2.99 (enter training effort) GPA 3.00-3.49 (enter training effort) GPA 3.50-4.00 (enter training effort) while these listed are .50 ranges, .25 or even .10 would be better but anything would be better than having a coach give a redshirted player with a high intellegince rtg a 30+ training effort that you have no control over unless you check each and every player. this could be done in the initial setup screen or the training options screen. While having certain positions strength conditioning/football skills/adaptability training options... STRENGTH & CONDITIONING QB (enter training effort) RB (enter training effort ) FB (enter training effort) and so on... FOOTBALL SKILLS STRENGTH & CONDITIONING QB (enter training effort) RB (enter training effort ) FB (enter training effort) and so on... [B]Shoe in[/B]: and Last but not numbered for priority... Put on the opening screen in big letters WHO'S YOUR DADDY? ......pausing..... ARLIE! (being we're all at your genious sports game creating mercy). lol. Great game!
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