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I'm in the works of creating the website and getting my domain name active, but I am looking for eleven dedicated owners to start up this fun, but small, BBCF league. Here's the basics: [LIST] [*][B]Twelve Owners:[/B] All owner will be in the SEC, competing against each other yearly for the SEC Championship, and bragging rights. [*][B]Three Sims Per Week:[/B] On M/W/F I will run the sim, as a smaller league should allow us to play our games faster. That's why I ask that those who join are dedicated, as I understand three sims is a bit heavy. [*][B]SEC Weekly:[/B] A weekly mini magazine that will break down the SEC division and all the happenings. [/LIST] The plan is to create some friendly rivals and just have a blast posting on the forum and competing year after year. If interested just reply to this thread or email me at [email]loansandgroans@yahoo.com[/email] I'm laying claim to Arkansas, but all other teams are available.
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