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Past results screen

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One thing I would like to be added is the Results screen containing user's past matches results. I noticed that is not in the current game as every season comes, you arrange matches with other colleges and wanted to know how the user got on in the previous match but does not exist. Everybody in college football talk about past matches game, say, for instance, Michigan have a great rivaly with Ohio and you often see past matches on ESPN or other channels so you could know who won last match. In Championship Manager, you can check how the team got on in previous matches and it could spur you on to try to break the losing run sequence or keep up the winning run against the team you are playing next. It would nice to have a 10+ year check list of how teams got on against other teams and you could find that your team had won 6 meetings and lost 4 meetings in 10 years. If it is too much for the computer, forget it. I will write it down in a notebook recording match results, probably too long to do it.
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