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League Games are not being simmed

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BB 1.51: Week 2 of 2014 Season (#9) and the game has stopped simulating games. I select 'Sim Weekly Games' then 'Sim Season' and the game begins running through the first week with no problems. For whatever reason during Week 2 after game #18 the simluation stops. The Simulation Window steps through all the weeks but no game results are being created. I then have the option to simulate the Championship between two 2-0 teams?!?!? If I step through week by week, the simluating stops working Week 2, Game #18. The Progress window pops up 'Sorting Stats' and finsihes with half the games incomplete. I can then move to Week 3 and repeat the process but this time no games are completed; Week 4, 5, etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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