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data converter?

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I'm going through reading all the posts about rebuilding databases and making current real world data to import as a new mod...and I had a thought. I know it can be a pain in the butt, but it would be easier in the end if there was a data converter that could transfer to and from EWR, TEW, and WreSpi. I wish I could code one, but I can't...and I would love to see one! Also, what about a mod which features data from the past ie the DOTT mod, merged with the original CornellVerse? Think of it this way...Ric Flair, circa 1983, wrestling in ROF - or maybe Bruce the Giant wrestling for Mid-South and then signing a written deal with AWA. I know it could be done, but does anyone know how? I have the DOTT and CornellVerse data. I just need to know how to edit and merge it properly into a new mod folder.
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