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PPV ideas and suggestions

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Ok, I've always had this idea for a ppv and have always wished WWE would do it since they are the biggest. I realize they would never bite on it though. Since I'm the biggest promotion in the Cornellvers I can do it and also because of the new short term contracts. Ok, here's what I've done. I did 3 different filter searches. The rule for all filter searches was they couldn't be above E for popularity. The first filter search was for workers who had the best combo of entertainment/looks skills and in ring skills. The second filter was for the ones who had the best in ring skills even if they were 0 in entertainment and looks. The third filter was for workers who just had entertainment and looks skills but it didn't matter what thier in ring skills were. I signed a total of 20 workers to short term/1 apperance contracts. What I want to do is run a PPV that only has these workers in it and none of my regulars. Its my way of exposing the fans to new and unheard of talent. Anyway, I need ideas for naming these PPV's. I want to do 4 each year like this so I need a total of 4 ideas. Thanks to all.
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