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Just wondering how much the game actually takes into consideration. For example, in the CV each region has one location of each size. What I'm curious about is whether or not it would matter to the game to have other locations of the same size in the same region, or would it just be something that has cosmetic benefit for the player. For example, would there be any point for me to add a location such as this: Tucson Civic Center Region=South West (USA) Venue Size=Very Small Fan Types Entertainment=Huge Modern=Medium Traditional=Huge Pure=Medium Hardcore=Good Language English=Lots All others=None Which is the same as the default Grissom Auditorium. I ask because I generally start out as Local fed, and going to the same location month after month seems somewhat odd, especially given the actual size of each region. But if the game doesn't actually care, it's easier to just use my imagination to say my promotion is visiting different small venues across the region rather than create those locations in the game. Thanks
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